The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood, by Thomas Hood

The Carelesse Nurse Mayd.

I sawe a Mayd sitte on a Bank,

Beguiled by Wooer fayne and fond;

And whiles His flatterynge Vowes She drank,

Her Nurselynge slipt within a Pond!

All Even Tide they Talkde and Kist,

For She was Fayre and He was Kinde;

The Sunne went down before She wist

Another Sonne had sett behinde!

With angrie Hands and frownynge Browe,

That deemd Her owne the Urchine’s Sinne,

She pluckt Him out, but he was nowe

Past being Whipt for fallynge in.

She then beginnes to wayle the Ladde

With Shrikes that Echo answered round —

O foolish Mayd! to be soe sadde

The Momente that her Care was drownd!

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