The Iliad of Homer, by Alexander Pope

Table of Contents

Introduction by The Rev. Theodore Alois Buckley, M.A., F.S.A.

Pope’s Preface to The Iliad of Homer


  1. The Contention of Achilles and Agamemnon.
  2. The Trial of the Army, and Catalogue of the Forces.
  3. The Duel of Menelaus and Paris.
  4. The Breach of the Truce, and the First Battle.
  5. The Acts of Diomed.
  6. The Episodes of Glaucus and Diomed, and of Hector and Andromache.
  7. The Single Combat of Hector and Ajax.
  8. The Second Battle, and the Distress of the Greeks.
  9. The Embassy to Achilles.
  10. The Night-Adventure of Diomed and Ulysses.
  11. The Third Battle, and the Acts of Agamemnon.
  12. The Battle at the Grecian Wall.
  13. The Fourth Battle Continued, in Which Neptune Assists the Greeks: The Acts of Idomeneus.
  14. Juno Deceives Jupiter by the Girdle of Venus.
  15. The Fifth Battle at the Ships; and the Acts of Ajax.
  16. The Sixth Battle, the Acts and Death of Patroclus
  17. The Seventh Battle, for the Body of Patroclus. — The Acts of Menelaus.
  18. The Grief of Achilles, and new armour made him by Vulcan.
  19. The Reconciliation of Achilles and Agamemnon.
  20. The Battle of the Gods, and the Acts of Achilles.
  21. The Battle in the River Scamander.
  22. The Death of Hector.
  23. Funeral Games in Honour of Patroclus.
  24. The Redemption of the Body of Hector.

Concluding Note.

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