Niels Klim's Journey Under the Ground, by Ludvig Holberg

Table of Contents

  1. The Author’s Descent to the Abyss.
  2. The Author’s Arrival at the Planet Nazar.
  3. Description of the Town Keba.
  4. The Royal Court of Potu.
  5. The Kingdom of Potu and its Inhabitants.
  6. The Religion of the Potuans.
  7. The Potuan Constitution.
  8. The Academies of Potu.
  9. The Journey Around the Planet Nazar.
  10. The Voyage to the Firmament.
  11. The Voyage to the Land-of-wonders.
  12. The Author’s Arrival in Quama.
  13. The Beginning of the Fifth Monarchy.
  14. The Author Becomes a Monarch Under the Ground.
  15. A Sudden Change in the Fortunes of the Author.
  16. The Author’s Return to His Father-land, and the End of the Fifth Monarchy.

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