The Works of William Hogarth, by John Trusler

Table of Contents

The Life of Hogarth.

The Rake’s Progress.

  1. The Young Heir Taking Possession.
  2. Surrounded by Artists and Professors.
  3. The Tavern Scene.
  4. Arrested for Debt.
  5. Marries an Old Maid.
  6. Scene in a Gaming House.
  7. Prison Scene.
  8. Scene in a Madhouse.

The Distressed Poet.

The Bench.

Character, Caricatura, and Outre.

The Laughing Audience.

Gate of Calais.

O, the Roast Beef of Old England!

The Politician.

Taste in High Life,

In the Year 1742.

The Harlot’s Progress.

The Lecture.

Datur Vacuum.

The Chorus.

Rehearsal of the Oratorio of Judith.

Columbus Breaking the Egg.

A Midnight Modern Conversation.

Consultation of Physicians — The Undertakers’ Arms.

Daniel Lock, Esq. F.a.s.

The Enraged Musician.

Masquerades and Operas.

Burlington Gate.

Times of the Day.

  1. Morning.
  2. Noon.
  3. Evening.
  4. Night.


Martin Folkes, Esq.

The Cockpit.

Captain Thomas Coram.

The Country Inn Yard; Or, the Stage Coach.

Industry and Idleness.

  1. The Fellow-‘Prentices at Their Looms.
  2. The Industrious ‘prentice Performing the Duty of a Christian.
  3. The Idle ‘prentice at Play in the Church-Yard During Divine Service.
  4. The Industrious ‘prentice a Favourite and Intrusted by His Master.
  5. The Idle ‘prentice Turned Away and Sent to Sea.
  6. The Industrious ‘prentice Out of His Time, and Married to His Master’s Daughter.
  7. The Idle ‘prentice Returned from Sea, and in a Garret with a Common Prostitute.
  8. The Industrious ‘prentice Grown Rich, and Sheriff of London.
  9. The Idle ‘prentice Betrayed by a Prostitute, and Taken in a Night Cellar with His Accomplice.
  10. The Industrious ‘prentice Alderman of London; the Idle One Brought Before Him, and Impeached by His Accomplice.
  11. The Idle ‘prentice Executed at Tyburn.
  12. The Industrious ‘prentice Lord Mayor of London.

Southwark Fair.

Garrick in the Character of Richard III.

The Invasion; Or, France and England.

  1. France.
  2. England.

William Hogarth.

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