Master Martin, the Cooper, and his Journeyman, by E. T. A. Hoffmann

Table of Contents

  1. How Master Martin was elected “Candle-master” and how he returned thanks therefor.
  2. What afterwards took place in Master Martin’s house.
  3. How Master Martin extols his trade above all others.
  4. The old Grandmother’s Prophecy.
  5. How the two young journeymen Frederick and Reinhold became acquainted with each other.
  6. How the two young journeymen, Reinhold and Frederick, were taken into Master Martin’s house.
  7. How the third journeyman came into Master Martin’s house and what followed in consequence.
  8. Of Dame Martha’s conversation with Rose about the three journeymen, Conrad’s quarrel with Master Martin.
  9. Reinhold leaves Master Martin’s house.
  10. How Frederick was driven out of the workshop by Master Martin.
  11. Conclusion.

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