Signor Formica, by E. T. A. Hoffmann

Table of Contents

  1. The celebrated painter Salvator Rosa comes to Rome, and is attacked by a dangerous illness. What befalls him in this illness.
  2. By Salvator Rosa’s intervention Antonio Scacciati attains to a high honour. Antonio discloses the cause of his persistent trouble to Salvator, who consoles him and promises to help him.
  3. Signor Pasquale Capuzzi turns up at Salvator Rosa’s studio. What takes place there. The cunning scheme which Rosa and Scacciati carry out, and the consequences of the same.
  4. Of the new attack made by Salvator Rosa and Antonio Scacciati upon Signer Pasquale Capuzzi and upon his company, and of what further happens in consequence.
  5. Of the new mishap which befalls Signor Pasquale Capussi. Antonio Scacciati successfully carries out his plan in Nicolo Musso’s theatre, and flees to Florence.
  6. Salvator Rosa leaves Rome and goes to Florence. Conclusion of the history.

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