The Boats of the 'Glen Carrig', by William Hope Hodgson

Table of Contents

  1. The Land of Lonesomeness
  2. The Ship in the Creek
  3. The Thing That Made Search
  4. The Two Faces
  5. The Great Storm
  6. The Weed-Choked Sea
  7. The Island in the Weed
  8. The Noises in the Valley
  9. What Happened in the Dusk
  10. The Light in the Weed
  11. The Signals From the Ship
  12. The Making of the Great Bow
  13. The Weed Men
  14. In Communication
  15. Aboard the Hulk
  16. Freed
  17. How We Came to Our Own Country

Madre Mia

People may say thou art no longer young

And yet, to me, thy youth was yesterday,

A yesterday that seems

Still mingled with my dreams.

Ah! how the years have o’er thee flung

Their soft mantilla, grey.

And e’en to them thou art not over old;

How could’st thou be! Thy hair

Hast scarcely lost its deep old glorious dark:

Thy face is scarcely lined. No mark

Destroys its calm serenity. Like gold

Of evening light, when winds scarce stir,

The soul-light of thy face is pure as prayer.

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