A Study of Hawthorne, by G. P. Lathrop

Appendix III.

The lists of books referred to in Chapter IV. were recorded by different hands, or in different ways at various dates, so that they have not been made out quite satisfactorily. Some of the authors named below were taken out a great many times, but the number of the volume is given in only a few cases. It would seem, for example, that Voltaire’s complete works were examined by Hawthorne, if we judge by his frequent application for some part of them, and the considerable number of volumes actually mentioned. In this and in other cases, the same volume is sometimes called for more than once. To make the matter clearer here, I have reduced the entries to a simple list of the authors read, without attempting to show how often a particular one was taken up. Few or none of them were read consecutively, and the magazines placed together at the end of my list were taken out at short intervals throughout the different years.


Oeuvres de Voltaire.
Mémoire de Litérature.
Oeuvres de Rousseau.
Mass. Historical Collections.
Trial and Triumph of Faith.
Oeuvres de Pascal.
Varenius’ Geography.
Mickle’s Lucian.
Dictionnaire des Sciences.
Pamela. (Vols. I., II.)
Life of Baxter.
Tournefort’s Voyage.
Swift’s Works.
Hitt on Fruit–Trees.
Bibliotheca Americana.
Ames’s Antiquities.
Hamilton’s Works.
Gifford’s Juvenal.
Allen’s Biographical Dictionary.
Académie Royale des Inscriptions.
Mather’s Apology.
Vertol’s History of Sweden.
Taylor’s Sermons.
Life of Luckington.
L’an 2440.
Montague’s Letters.
English Botany. (3 vols.)
Gay’s Poems.
Inchbald’s Theatre.
Sowerby’s English Botany.
Crabbe’s Borough.
Crabbe’s Bibliographical Dictionary.
Collection of Voyages (Hakluyt’s?).
Lives of the Admirals.
British Zoölogy.


Los Eruditos.
Gifford’s Persius.
Bartram’s Travels.
Humphrey’s Works.
Pennant’s British Zoology.
Mandeville’s Travels.
Rehearsal Transposed.
Gay’s Poems.
Pompey the Little.
Shaw’s General Zoology.
Philip’s Poems.
Sowerby’s English Botany.
Wilkinson’s Memoirs and Atlas.
History of the Shakers.
The Confessional.
Calamy’s Life of Baxter.
Académie Royale des Inscripts.
Essais de Montaigne. (Vols. I., II., III., IV.)
Cadell’s Journey through Italy and Carniola.
Cobbet’s Rule in France.
Temple’s Works. (Vols. I., II., III.)
Asiatic Researches.
Cochran’s Tour in Siberia.
Chardin’s Travels.
Brandt’s History of the Reformation.
Russell’s Natural History.
Aleppo. (Vol. I.)
Answer to the Fable of the Bees.
Hanway’s Travels.
Memoirs of C. J. Fox.
Bayle’s Critical Dictionary. (Vols. II., V., VI.)
State Trials. (Vols. I., II., IV., V., VI.)
Tales of a Traveller.
Dictionnaire des Sciences. (Vol. XVII.)
Bacon’s Works. (Vol. II.)
Gordon’s Tacitus.
Colquhoun on the Police.
Cheyne on Health.
Pope’s Homer. (Vol I.)
Letters: De Maintenon. (Vol. IX.)
Reichard’s Germany.
Oeuvres de Rousseau.
Notes on the West Indies by Prichard.
Crishull’s Travels in Turkey.


Clarendon’s Tracts.
History of England.
Prose Works of Walter Scott. (Vols. III., V., VI.)
Feltham’s Resolves.
Roscoe’s Sovereigns.
Histoire de l’Académie.
South America.
Savages of New Zealand.
Stackhouse’s History of the Bible.
Dryden’s Poems.
Tucker’s Light of Nature.
History of South Carolina.
Poinsett’s Notes on Mexico.
Brace’s Travels.
Browne’s Jamaica.
Collins’s New South Wales.
Broughton’s Dictionary.
Seminole War.
Shaw’s Zoology.
Gifford’s Pitt.
Curiosities of Literature.
Literary Recollections.
Coleridge’s Aids to Reflection.
Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats.
Paris and Fonblanque.
Gardens and Menagerie.
Medical Jurisprudence.
History of Paris.
Scott’s Prose Works.
Kittell’s Specimens American Poetry.
Lister’s Journey.
Annals of Salem.
Library of Old English Prose Writers.
Memoirs of Canning.
Miscellaneous Works of Scott.
Jefferson’s Writings.
History of Andover.
Good’s Book of Nature.
History of Haverhill.
Madden’s Travels. (Vols. I., II.)
Riedesel’s Memoirs.
Boston Newspapers (1736, 1739, 1754, 1762, 1771, 1783).
Drake’s Mornings in Spring.
Drake’s Evenings in Autumn.
Anecdotes of Bowyer.
Gouverneur Morris. (Vols. I., II.)
Bryan Walton’s Memoirs.
Moses Mendelssohn.
Felt’s Annals.
Strutt’s Sports and Pastimes.
Mrs. Jameson. (2 vols.)
Thatcher’s Medical Biography.
History of Plymouth.
Crabbe’s Universal Dictionary.
Lewis’s History of Lynn.
A Year in Spain, by a Young American. (Vols. I., II.)
Croker’s Boswell.
Deane’s History of Scituate.
Diplomatic Correspondence. (Vols. I., II.)
Temple’s Travels. (Vol. II.)
Fuller’s Holy State.
Remarkables of Increase Mather.
History of Portland. (Vols. I., II.)
Practical Tourist.
Elements of Technology.
Heber’s Life, by Taylor.
Ductor Substantium.
Heber’s Travels in India. (Vols. I., II.)
Byron’s Works.
Travels in Brazil and Buenos Ayres.
History of Spain.
Franklin’s Works.
Mental Cultivation.


Life of Gouverneur Morris.
Hamilton’s Progress of Society.
Twiner’s Sacred History.
Life of Arthur Lee.
Life of Sir Humphry Davy.
Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats.
Prior’s Poems. (Vol. I.)
Jefferson’s Writings. (Vols. I., II.)
Memoirs of the Tower of London.
History of King’s Chapel.
Memoirs of Dr. Burney.
Hone’s Every Day Book. (Vols. I, II., III.)
Life of Livingstone.


Life of Hamilton. (Vol. I.)
Debates in Parliament. (Vol. I.)
Curiosities of Literature (Vol. I.)
Combe on the Constitution of Man.
Babbage on Economy of Machinery.
Eulogies on Jefferson and Adams.
Hone’s Every Day Book. (Vols. I., III.)
Dunlap’s History of the Arts of Design. (Vols. I., II.)
Mende’s Guide to Observation of Nature.
Cobbett’s Cottage Economy.
Douglas’s Summary. (Vol. I.)
Practical Tourist. (Vols. I., II.)
Dick on Improvement of Society.
Bush’s Life of Mohammed.
Temple’s Travels in Peru. (Vol. I.)
Gay’s Poems.
Pliny’s Natural History.
Coleridge’s Table–Talk.
Letters from Constantinople. (Vols. I., II.)
Reynolds’s Voyages.
Adventures on Columbia River, by Ross Cox.
Baine’s History of Cotton Manufacture.
History of Nantucket.
Travels in South America.
Müller’s Universal History.
Antar. A Bedoueen Romance.
Lives of the Philosophers. (Vols. I., II.)
Description of Trades.
Colman’s Visit to England.
Ludolph’s History of Ethiopia.
Griffin’s Remains.
McCree’s Life of Knox.
Walker’s Sufferings of the Clergy.
Voyage de la mer du Sud an Nord.
Biographia Literaria.
The Stranger in America.
Raumer’s England in 1835.
Random Recollections of the House of Lords.
The German Student.
Sparks’s American Biography.
Brewster’s Natural Magic.
Prior’s Life of Goldsmith.
Sparks’s Washington.
Walter Scott’s Demonology and Witchcraft.
Scott’s Life of Bonaparte. (3 vols.)


Washington’s Writings.
Martineau’s Miscellany.
Wraxall’s Memoirs.
Bancroft’s United States History.
Rush, on the Human Voice.
Drake’s Indian Biography.
Wordsworth’s Poetical Works.
Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion.
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.
Bayle’s Historical Memoirs of Plymouth County.
Life of Jefferson, by Tucker.
Random Recollections of the House of Commons.
Specimens of American Poetry.


Life of Jefferson.
Brown’s Novels.
Parr’s Works.
Select Comedies.
Froissart’s Ancient Chronology.
Byron’s Works.
Plutarch’s Lives.
London Encyclopedia of Architecture.
Gentleman’s Magazine.
Monthly Magazine.
Monthly Review.
European Magazine.
Christian Examiner.
Edinburgh Magazine.
Annual Register.
Quarterly Review.
Southern Review.
Worcester’s Magazine.
North American Review.
United States Service Journal.
Court Magazine.
Museum of Literature and Science.
Westminster Review.
London Monthly Magazine.
Eclectic Review.
Foreign Quarterly Review.
Blackwood’s Magazine.
Metropolitan Magazine.
New England Magazine.
British Critic.
American Encyclopaedia.
Rees’s Cyclopaedia.
Gifford’s Juvenal.

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