Frank Harris, 1856–1931


Biographical note

Harris, Frank [1856]. — Novelist, etc. Elder Conklin, The Man William Shakespeare [1898], Montes the Matador [1900]. Play: Mr. and Mrs. Daventry. Formerly editor of Saturday Review and Fortnightly Review.

[From A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin, 1910]


  • Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions [1916]
  • My Life and Loves [1922-1927]
  • My Reminiscences as a Cowboy [1930]
  • Confessional [1930]. Essays.
  • Pantopia: A Novel [1930]
  • Bernard Shaw [1931]
  • Elder Conklin, and other stories [1894]
    1. “Elder Conklin”
    2. “The Sheriff and his Partner”
    3. “A Modern Idyll”
    4. “Eatin' Crow”; and “The Best Man In Garotte”
    5. “Gulmore, The Boss”
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daventry. Play, 1899-1900
  • How to beat the Boer, a conversation in Hades. London: Heinemann, 1900.
  • Montes the Matador and Other Stories. London: Grant Richards, 1900 "Montes, the Matador," "First Love (A Confession)," "Profit and Loss," "The Interpreter," "Sonia"
  • The Bomb: a novel. London: Longmans, 1908
  • The Man Shakespeare and his tragic love story. London: Frank Palmer, 1909
  • Shakespeare and his Love, A Play in Four Acts and an Epilogue. London, Frank Palmer, 1910. "Introduction."
  • The Women of Shakespeare. London: Metheun, 1911; New York: Kennerley, 1912.
  • Unpath'd Waters. London: John Lane, 1913; New York: Kennerley, 1913. "The Miracle of the Stigmata," "The Holy Man," "The King of the Jews," "The Irony of Chance," "An English Saint," "Mr. Jacob's Philosophy," "The Ring," "The Spider and the Fly," "The Magic Glasses"
  • Great Days: A Novel. London: John Lane, 1914; New York: Kennerley, 1914.
  • The Yellow Ticket and other stories. [1914]
    "The Yellow Ticket," "The Veils of Isis," "A French Artist," "In the Vale of Tears," "A Daughter of Eve," "A Prostitute," "Isaac and Rebecca," "A Miracle and No Wonder," "A Fool's Paradise," "The Ugly Duckling"
  • The Veils of Isis and other stories. [1915]
    "The Yellow Ticket," "The Veils of Isis," "A French Artist," "Within the Shadow," "This Kiss," "A Daughter of Eve," "A Good Woman," "Isaac and Rebecca," "A Miracle and No Wonder," "A Fool's Paradise," "The Ugly Duckling"
  • England or Germany? New York: Wilmarth Press, 1915.
  • Contemporary Portraits [First Series]. [1915]
    "Thomas Carlyle," "Ernest Renan," "J. M. Whistler," "Oscar Wilde," "John Davidson," "Richard Middleton," "Sir Richard Burton," "George Meredith," "Robert Browning," "A. C. Swinburne," "Matthew Arnold," "Guy de Maupassant," "Paul Verlaine," "Maurice Maeterlinck," "F. A. R. Rodin," "Jean Fabre," "Anatole France"
  • Love in Youth: A Novel. New York: Doran, 1916.
  • Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions 1916; 1918, with a chapter by George Bernard Shaw
  • Contemporary Portraits, Second Series. [1919]
    "George Bernard Shaw," (plus by Shaw, "Shaw's Portrait by Shaw, or How Frank Ought to Have Done it") "Rudyard Kipling," "Ernest Dowson," "Theodore Dreiser," "George Moore," "Lord Dunsany and Sidney Sime," "Pierre Loti," "Walter Pater," "Herbert Spencer," "Arthur Balfour," "David Lloyd George," "Viscount Grey," "Georges Clemenceau"
  • Has Life any Meaning? A Debate between Frank Harris and Percy Ward. [Pamphlet.] Chicago: Rationalist Education Society, 1920.
  • Contemporary Portraits, Third Series. [1920]
    "Introduction," "H. G. Wells," "Upton Sinclair," "John Galsworthy," "Cunninghame Graham," "Gilbert K. Chesterton," "Arthur Symons," "Winston Churchill," "Russel Wallace," "Thomas Huxley," "Louis Wilkinson," "W. L. George," "Gaudier-Brzeska," "Earl St. Aldwyn," "Augustus John," "Coventry Patmore," "Walt Whitman"
  • My Life and Loves / Frank Harris [vol.1, 1922]
  • My Life and Loves. New York: Frank Harris Publishing Company, 1922-1929. [three volumes; fourth volume after Harris's death] New York: Grove Press, 1963, definitive unexpurgated edition.
  • Contemporary Portraits, Fourth Series. [1923]
    "The Admirable Crichton, by J. M. Barry," "Wilfred Scawen Blunt and George Wyndam," "Richard Wagner," "Ivan Turgenief," "Charlie Chaplin," "John Tyndall," "Ernest Haeckel," "Grant Allen," "Leonard Merrick," "Herbert Trench," "Max Beerbohm," "Henri Matisse and P. E. Renoir," "Robert La Follette," "Mark Twain," "Maxim Gorki," "Otto Kahn and Leo Tolstoy," "Russian peace mission," "Emma Goldman," "Roosevelt, Wilson, Harding," "Jim Larkin," "Olive Schreiner," "Sarah Bernhardt," "Lord Curzon" (in New York editions)
  • Undream'd of Shores. New York: Brentano's, 1924; London: Grant Richards, 1924. "A Mad Love," "Akbar the Mightiest," "A Fit of Madness," "A Chinese Story," "St. Peter's Difficulty," "Love Is My Sin," "As Others See Us," "A Lunatic?," "In Central Africa," "The Extra Eight Days," "The Great Game," "The Temple to the Forgotten Dead," "My Last Word"
  • Joan La Romee. [Play.] Nice, New York: Frank Harris, 1926; London: Fortune Press, 1926.
  • Latest Contemporary Portraits. New York: Macaulay Publishing Company, 1927. "David Graham Phillips," "Eleanora Duse," "Henri Barbusse," "Lord Bryce," "George Russell (A.E.)," "Mrs. Humphrey Ward," "Eugene V. Debs," "Charles Schwab," "Prince Peter Kropotkin," "Paul Bourget," "Thomas Hardy," "Paul Ehrlich," "Louis Sullivan," "Eugene Fromentin," "Herbert Tree," "Flaubert," "Leon Bloy," "The J. P. Morgan family," "Edmond and Jules Goncourt," "Lord Hartington," "Count Bernstorff," "A. E. Housman," "Paul Deschanel," "Frederic Harrison," "Annie Besant," "John Churton Collins," "John Hyndman," "Horace Traubel," "Joseph Caillaux"
  • The Tom Cat, an Apologue. New York: The Author, 1928.
  • My Reminiscences as a Cowboy. New York: C. Boni, 1930; cover by Rockwell Kent, illustrations by William Gropper. [217p., ill., 19cm; F596.H31 1930] [London: John Lane, 1930, as On the Trail, with slight changes and omission of the last chapter].
  • Confessional: A Volume of Intimate Portraits, Sketches and Studies. New York: Panurge Press, 1930. "Introduction," "Columbus," "Joan of Arc," "Napoleon," "Tolstoy's Last Days," "Great Cities," "Seville," "Travel in France," "Granada and the Alhambra," "Short Story Writing," "The Art of Biography," "Thoughts on Morals," "Natural Religion," "An Execution in Paris," "A Strange Story of Love," (not by Harris)
  • Pantopia: A Novel. New York: Panurge Press, 1930.
  • Bernard Shaw. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1931. An unauthorized biography based on first hand information, with a postscript by Mr. Shaw. [xxvi, 430p.; ill, port.; 25cm.]
  • The Short Stories of Frank Harris: A Selection. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1975. [xiii, 299p., 22cm.; ISBN 0809307219; PR4759.H37S5] "Eatin' Crow," "The Best Man in Garotte," "The Sheriff and His Partner," "Montes the Matador," "The Miracle of the Stigmata," "The Magic Glasses," "The Holy Man," "The King of the Jews," "The Daughter of Eve," "Akbar 'the mightiest'," "St. Peter's Difficulty," "The Extra Eight Days," "A Mad Love," "A Chinese Story," "The Tom Cat, an Apologue," "Afterword: the legend of Frank Harris", by Elmer Gantz
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