Wessex Tales, by Thomas Hardy

Table of Contents


An Imaginative Woman

The Three Strangers

The Withered Arm

  1. A lorn milkmaid
  2. The young wife
  3. A vision
  4. A suggestion
  5. Conjuror Trendle
  6. A second attempt
  7. A ride
  8. A water-side hermit
  9. A rencounter


Interlopers at the Knap

The Distracted Preacher

  1. How his cold was cured
  2. How he saw two other men
  3. The mysterious greatcoat
  4. At the time of the new moon
  5. How they went to lulstead cove
  6. The great search at Nether-Moynton
  7. The walk to Warm’ell Cross and afterwards


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