The Trumpet-Major, by Thomas Hardy

Table of Contents

  1. What was seen from the window overlooking the down
  2. Somebody knocks and comes in
  3. The Mill becomes an important Centre of Operations
  4. Who were present at the Miller’s little Entertainment
  5. The Song and the Stranger
  6. Old Mr. Derriman of Oxwell Hall
  7. How they Talked in the Pastures
  8. Anne Makes a Circuit of the Camp
  9. Anne is kindly fetched by the Trumpet-major
  10. The Match-making Virtues of a Double Garden
  11. Our People are Affected by the Presence of Royalty
  12. How everybody great and small climbed to the top of the downs
  13. The Conversation in the Crowd
  14. Later in the Evening of the same day
  15. ‘Captain’ Bob Loveday of the Merchant Service
  16. They make ready for the Illustrious Stranger
  17. Two Fainting Fits and a Bewilderment
  18. The Night after the Arrival
  19. Miss Johnson’s behaviour causes no little surprise
  20. How they Lessened the Effect of the Calamity
  21. ‘Upon the Hill he turned’
  22. The two Households United
  23. Military Preparations on an Extended Scale
  24. A Letter, a Visitor, and a tin Box
  25. Festus shows his Love
  26. The Alarm
  27. Danger to Anne
  28. Anne does wonders
  29. A Dissembler
  30. At the Theatre Royal
  31. Midnight Visitors
  32. Deliverance
  33. A Discovery turns the Scale
  34. A Speck on the Sea
  35. A Sailor Enters
  36. Derriman sees Chances
  37. Reaction
  38. A Delicate Situation
  39. Bob Loveday struts up and down
  40. A Call on Business
  41. John marches into the night

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