The principal navigations, voyages, traffiques, and discoveries of the English nation, by Richard Hakluyt

The names of all the men, women and children, which safely arriued in Virginia, and remained to inhabite there. 1587. Anno regni Reginæ Elizabethæ. 29.

  Iohn White.
  Roger Baily.
  Ananias Dare.
  Christopher Cooper.
  Thomas Steuens.
  Iohn Sampson.
  Dyonis Haruie.
  Roger Prat.
  George How.
  Simon Fernando.
  Nicholas Iohnson.
  Thomas Warner.
  Anthony Cage.
  Iohn Iones.
  William Willes.
  Iohn Brooke.
  Cutbert White.
  Iohn Bright.
  Clement Tayler.
  William Sole.
  Iohn Cotsmur.
  Humfrey Newton.
  Thomas Colman.
  Thomas Gramme.
  Marke Bennet.
  Iohn Gibbes.
  Iohn Stilman.
  Robert Wilkinson.
  Iohn Tydway.
  Ambrose Viccars.
  Edmond English.
  Thomas Topan.
  Henry Berry.
  Richard Berry.
  Iohn Spendloue.
  Iohn Hemmington.
  Thomas Butler.
  Edward Powell.
  Iohn Burden.
  Iames Hynde.
  Thomas Ellis.
  William Browne.
  Michael Myllet.
  Thomas Smith.
  Richard Kemme.
  Thomas Harris.
  Richard Tauerner.
  Iohn Earnest.
  Henry Iohnson.
  Iohn Starte.
  Richard Darige.
  William Lucas.
  Arnold Archard.
  Iohn Wright.
  William Dutton.
  Mauris Allen.
  William Waters.
  Richard Arthur.
  Iohn Chapman.
  William Clement.
  Robert Little.
  Hugh Tayler.
  Richard Wildye.
  Lewes Wotton.
  Michael Bishop.
  Henry Browne.
  Henry Rufoote
  Richard Tomkins.
  Henry Dorrell.
  Charles Florrie.
  Henry Mylton.
  Henry Paine.
  Thomas Harris.
  William Nichols.
  Thomas Pheuens.
  Iohn Borden.
  Thomas Scot.
  Peter Little.
  Iohn Wyles.
  Brian Wyles.
  George Martyn.
  Hugh Pattenson.
  Martin Sutton.
  Iohn Farre.
  Iohn Bridger.
  Griffen Iones.
  Richard Shabedge.
  Iames Lasie.
  Iohn Cheuen.
  Thomas Hewet.
  William Berde.


  Elyoner Dare.
  Margery Haruie.
  Agnes Wood.
  Wenefrid Powell.
  Ioyce Archard.
  Iane Jones.
  Elizabeth Glane.
  Iane Pierce.
  Audry Tappan.
  Alis Chapman.
  Emme Merrimoth.
  Margaret Lawrence.
  Ioan Warren.
  Iane Mannering.
  Rose Payne.
  Elizabeth Viccars.

Boyes and children.

  Iohn Sampson.
  Robert Ellis.
  Ambrose Viccars.
  Thomas Archard.
  Thomas Humfrey.
  Thomas Smart.
  George How.
  Iohn Prat.
  William Wythers.

Children borne in Virginia.

  Virginia Dare.

Sauages that were in England and returned home into Virginia with them.


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