Mandeville’s Voyages, by Sir John Mandeville

Table of Contents

  1. Commendatio breuis terræ Hierosolimitanæ.
    The English Version.To teche zou the Weye out of Englond to Constantinoble.
  2. Iter ab Anglia tam per terras quam per aquas vsque in Constantinopolim.
    The English Version.
  3. De vrbe Constantinopoli, et reltquijs ibidem contentis.
    The English Version.Of the Crosse and the Croune of oure Lord Jesu Crist.
    Of the Cytee of Costantynoble, and of the Feithe of Grekis.
  4. Via tam per terras quam per aquas à Constantinopoli vsque Acharon.
  5. Via à Francia aut Flandria per solas terras vsque Ierusalem.
  6. Via de Cypro vel Ierusalem vsque in Babyloniam Ægypti.
  7. De Pallatio Soldani, ac numero, et nominibus præteritorum Soldanorum.
  8. De Campo Balsami in Egypto.
  9. De Nile fluuio, et Aegypti territorio.
  10. De couductu Soldani, et via vsque in Sinay.
  11. De Monasterio Sinay, et reliquijs beatæ Catherinæ.
  12. Iter a deserto Sinay vsque ad Iudeam.
    The English Version.Of the Weye fro Costantynoble to Jerusalem. Of Seynt John the Evaungelist; and of Ypocras Daughter, transformed from a Woman to a Dragoun.
    Of manye Names of Soudans, and of the Tour of Babiloyn.
    Of the desert bet wen e the chirche of Seynte Kateryne and Jerusalem. Of the drie Tre; and how roses cam first in the world.
  13. De ciuitate Bethleem, et semita vsque in Ierusalem.
  14. De Ecclesia gloriosi Sepulchri Domini in vrbe Ierusalem.
  15. De tribus alijs Ecclesijs, et specialiter de templo Domini.
  16. De pluribus locis sacris iuxta vrbem.
  17. De sacris locis extra muros Ciuitatis.
  18. De notabilibus alijs locis, et mari mortuo.
  19. De Nazareth, et Samaria.
  20. De territorio Gallileæ, et Samariæ, et de villa Sardenay.
  21. De secta detestabili Saracenorum et eorum fide.
  22. De vita, et nomine Mahometi.
  23. De colloquio Authoris cum Soldano.
    The English Version.Of the Pilgrimages in Jerusalem and of the Holy Places thereaboute.
    Of the Temple of oure Lord. Of the Crueltee of Kyng Heroud. Of the Mount Syon. Of Probatica Piscina. And of Natatorium Siloe.
    Of the dede See; and of the Flom Jordan. Of the Hed of Seynt John the Baptist; and of the Usages of the Samaritanes.
    Of the Province of Galilee, and where Antecrist schalle be born; Of Nazarethe. Of the Age of oure Lady. Of the Day of Doom; and of the Customes of Jacobites, Surryenes; and of the Usages of Gcorgyenes.
  24. Persuasio ad non credentes terrarum diuersitates per orben terræ.
  25. De Armenia, Persia, et Amazonia.
  26. De Aethiopia, et Diamantibus, et de infima India.
  27. De foresto Piperis, et fonte iuuentutis.
  28. De Ecclesia et corpore Saneti Thomæ Apostoli.
  29. De Iaua, et quibusdam aiijs meridionalibus Insulis, et de farina, melle et piscibus Ogeri Ducis Danorum.
    The English version.
    Of the Cytee of Damasce. Of 3 Weyes to Jerusalem; on be Londe and be See; another more be Londe than be See; and the thridde Weye to Jerusalem, alle be Londe.
    Of the Customes of Sarasines, and of hire Lawe; and how the Soudan arresond me, Auctour of this Book. And of the begynnynge of Machomete.
    Of the Londes of Albanye, and of Libye. Of the Wisshinges, for Wacchinge of the Sperhauk; and of Noes Schippe.
    Of the Lond of Job; and of his Age. Of the Aray of men of Caldee. Of the Lond where Wommen duellen with outen companye of men. Of the knouleche and vertues of the verray Dyamant.
    Of the customs of Yles abouten Ynde. Of the differences betwixt Ydoles and Simulacres. Of 3 maner growing of Peper upon a Tree. Of the welle, that chaungethe his odour, every hour of the day: and that is mervaylle.
    Of the Domes made be seynt Thomas. Of Devocyoun and Sacrifice made to Ydoles there, in the Cytee of Calamye; and of the processioun in goynge aboute the Cytee.
    Of the evylle Customs used in the Yle of Lamary: and how the Erthe and the See ben of round Forme and schapp, be pref of the Sterre, that is clept Antartyk, that is fix in the Southe.
    Of the Palays of the Kyng of the Yle of Java. Of the Trees, that beren Mele, Hony, Wyn and Venym; and of othere Mervayilles and Customes, used in the Yles marchinge thereabouten.
  30. De Regnis Cynocephalorum, et alijs Insulis.
  31. De multis alijs Insulis Meridionalibus, de quibus et Plinius, et Munsterus.
  32. De bona Regione Man chus.
  33. De Pygmæis, et de itinere vsque in prouinciam Cathay.
    The English Version.
    How men knowen be the Ydole, zif the sike schalle dye or non. Of folk of dyverse schap and merveylously disfigured: And of the Monkes, that zeven hire releef to Babewynes, Apes and Marmesettes and to other Bestes.
    Of the grete Chane of Chatay. Of the Rialtee of his Palays, and how he sitt at Mete; and of the grete nombre of Officeres, that serven hym.
  34. De pallatio Imperatoris Grand Can.
    The English Version.
  35. De quatuor solennitatibus, quas Magnus Can celebrat in anno.
  36. De ludis et præstigijs in suo festo, et de suo comitatu.
    The English Version.
  37. Qua de causa dicitur Grand Gan.
    The English Version.
    Wherefore he is clept the grete Chane. Of the Style of his Lettres, and of the Superscripcioun abowten his grete Sealle, and his pryvee Sealle.
    Of the governance of the grete Chanes Court, and whan he makethe solempne Festes. Of his Philosophres. And of his Array, whan he riddethe be the contre.
  38. De territorio Cathay, et moribus Tartarorum.
    The English Version.
    Of the Lawe and customs of the Tartarienes, duellynge in Chatay; and how that men don, whan the Emperour schal dye, and how he schal be chosen.
  39. De sepultura Imperatoris Grand Can, et creatione successoris.
  40. De multis regionibus Imperio Tartariae subiectis.
    The English Version.
    Of the Emperour of Persye, and of the lond of darknesse and of other Kyngdomes, that belongen to the grete Chane of Cathay, and other Londes of his, unto the See of Greece.
    Of the Contrees and Yles, that ben bezonde the Lond of Cathay; and of the Frutes there; and of 22 Kynges enclosed within the Mountaynes.
  41. De magnificentia Imperatoris Indiæ et preciositate Palatij.
    The English Version.
    Of the Ryalle estate of Prestre John; and of a riche man, that made a marveyllous Castelle, and cleped it Paradys; and of his Sotyltee.
  42. De frequentia palatij et comitatu Imperatoris.
    The English Version.
  43. De quibusdam miris per regiones Indiæ.
  44. De loco et dispositione vallis infaustæ.
  45. De periculo et tormentis in valle eadem.
  46. De quibusdam alijs admirandis per Indorum insulas.
    The English Version.
    Of the Develes Hede in the Valeye perilous; and of the Customs of folk in dyverse Yles, that ben abouten, in the Lordschipe of Prestre John.
  47. De Bracmannorum et aliorum Insulis.
  48. Aliquid de loco Paradisi terrestris per auditum.
    The English Version.
    Of the Godenesse of the folk of the Yle of Bragman. Of Kyng Alisandre: and wherfore the Emperour of Ynde is clept Prestre John.
    Of the Hilles of Gold, that Pissemyres kepen: and of the 4 Flodes, that comen fro Paradys terrestre.
  49. In reuertendo de Cassan, et Riboth, et de diuite Epulone.
    The English Version.
    Of the Customs of Kynges, and othere that dwellen in the Yles costynge to Prestre Johnes Lond. And of the Worschipe that the Sone dothe to the Fader, whan he is dede.
  50. De compositione huius tractatus in nobili ciuitate Leodiensi.
    The English Version.
  51. Richardi Hakluyti breuis admonitio ad Lectorem.
  52. Ex libro sexto Naturalis historiæ C. Plinij secundi. Cap. 30.
  53. Ex libro eiusdem Plinij septimo. Cap. 2. cui titulus est, De Scythis, et aliarum diversitate gentium.

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