Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, by Richard Hakluyt

The testimonie of Gerardus Mercator in his last large Mappe of Europe, touching the notable discoueries of the English, made of Moscouie by the Northeast.

Magnam occasionem certamque rationem emendandæ Europæ nobis attulit celeberrima Angloram per Cronium mare nauigatio: quæ littora Septentrionalia Finlappie Moscouiæque iuxta coeli situm, mundíque plagas digesta habet. Exacta etiam vrbis Moscuæ latitudo ab Anglis obseruata, interiorum Regionum emendatiùs describendarum infallibilem legem præscripsit: Quibus oblatis adminiculis pulcherrimis, iniquum putaui tabulam hanc castigatiorem non reddere.

The same in English.

The most famous nauigation of the English men by the Northeast sea hath offered vnto me a great occasion, and certaine direction for the reformation of the mappe of Europe: which discouerie hath the Northerne parts of Finmarke, Lapland, and Moscouie, laied out according to the iust eleuation and the quarters of the world. And further, the true obseruation of the latitude of the city of Mosco, made by the foresaid Englishmen, hath yeelded me an infallible rule, for the correcting of the situation of the inland countries: which notable helps being ministred vnto me, I thought it my duetie to exhibite to the world this Mappe, more exact and perfect then hitherto it hath bene published.

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