Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, by Richard Hakluyt

Commodities to be caried out of England into Persia, with their prizes there.

1 Karseis are sold there for 180. Shaughes: A shaugh is 6d. English. so that a karsey is sold there in Persia for foure pound ten shillings: for euery shaugh is sixe pence English, and euery Bist is two pence halfepeny English, and in Russe money three pence. 2 Tinne is sold in Persia for 14. and 18. shaughes the batman. The batman containing as I haue mentioned before. 3 Brasil is at 10. and 12. shaughes the batman. 4 Red cloth fine, at 25. and 30. shaughes the yard. 5 Copper at 20. and 25. shaughes the batman.

Commodities to be brought out of Persia for England.

1 Raw silke at 60 shaughs the batman. 2 Pepper at 32. shaughs the batman, 3 Ginger at 18. and 20. shaughs the batman. 4 Nutmegs at 30. shaughs the batman. 5 Brimstone at 4. shaughs the great batman.

The great batman is 12. li. English.

6 Allom at 2. bists and a halfe the batman and lesse. 7 Rice at halfe a bist the batman. 8 Gals at halfe a bist the batman, 9 Cloues at 40. shaughs the batman 10 Yew for bow staues, at [blank in original.]

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