The Fardle of Facions, by Johannes Boemus

Table of Contents

Original Title Page

Translator's Dedication and Preface

The Preface of the Authour

Of Affrike.

  1. The true opinion of the deuine, concernyng the beginnyng of man.
  2. The false opinion of the Philosophre concernyng the begynnyng of man.
  3. The deuision and limites of the Earthe.
  4. Of Ethiope, and the auncient maners of that nation.
  5. Of Aegipte, and the auncient maners of that people.
  6. Of the Poeni, and thother peoples of Aphrique.

Of Asie.

  1. Of Asie and the peoples moste famous therin.
  2. Of Panchaia, and the maners of the Panqueis.
  3. Of Assiria and Babilonia, and the maners of those peoples.
  4. Of Iewry, and of the life, maners, and Lawes of the Iewes.
  5. Of Media, and the maners of the Medes.
  6. Of Parthia, and the maner of the Parthians.
  7. Of Persia, and the maners and ordinaunces of the Persians.
  8. Of Ynde, and the vncouthe trades and maners of life of the people therein.
  9. Of Scithia and their sterne maners
  10. Of Tartarie, and the maners and power of the Tartarians.
  11. Of Turcquie, and of the maners, Lawes, and Ordenaunces of the Turcques.
  12. Of the Christians, of their firste commyng vp, their Ceremonies, and ordenaunces.

Note to this Web Edition

This work was not included in the 1598–1600 edition of Hakluyt’s Voyages. It, however, formed part of the supplement issued in 1812.


Fardle of Facions


The Aunciente Maners, Customes, and Lawes,

Of the

Peoples Enhabiting the Two Partes of

The Earth,


Affricke and Asie.

printed at london:

by ihon kingstone, and henry sutton.


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