Voyages in Search of The North-West Passage, by Richard Hakluyt

Table of Contents


  1. A Discourse Written by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Knight. To prove a Passage by the North–West to Cathay and the East Indies.
  2. Certain Other Reasons or Arguments to Prove a Passage by the North-West Learnedly written by Master Richard Willes, Gentleman.
  3. The First Voyage of Master Martin Frobisher To the North–West for the search of the passage or strait to China, written by Christopher Hall, and made in the year of our Lord 1576.
  4. The Language of the People of Meta Incognita.
  5. The Second Voyage of Master Martin Frobisher, Made to the West and North–West Regions in the year 1577, with a Description of the Country and People, written by Dionise Settle.
  6. The Third and Last Voyage into Meta Incognita, Made by Master Martin Frobisher, in the year 1578, written by Thomas Ellis.
  7. The Report of Thomas Wiars, Passenger in the “Emmanuel,” otherwise called the “Busse of Bridgewater,” wherein James Leeche was Master, one of the ships in the last voyage of Master Martin Frobisher, 1578, concerning the discovery of the great island in their way homeward, the 12th of September.
  8. The First Voyage of Master John Davis, Undertaken in June, 1585, for the discovery of the North–West Passage, written by John James Marchant, servant to the Worshipful Master William Sanderson.
  9. The Second Voyage Attempted by Master John Davis, With others, for the discovery of the North–West Passage, in Anno 1586.
  10. The Third Voyage North-Westward, Made by John Davis, Gentleman, as chief captain and pilot general for the discovery of a passage to the Isles of the Molucca, or the coast of China, in the year 1587. Written by John Janes, servant to the aforesaid Master William Sanderson.

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