She, by H. Rider Haggard

Table of Contents


  1. My Visitor
  2. The Years Roll by
  3. The Sherd of Amenartas
  4. The Squall
  5. The Head of the Ethiopian
  6. An Early Christian Ceremony
  7. Ustane Sings
  8. The Feast, and After!
  9. A Little Foot
  10. Speculations
  11. The Plain of Kôr
  12. “She”
  13. Ayesha Unveils
  14. A Soul in Hell
  15. Ayesha Gives Judgment
  16. The Tombs of Kôr
  17. The Balance Turns
  18. “Go, Woman!”
  19. “Give Me A Black Goat!”
  20. Triumph
  21. The Dead and Living Meet
  22. Job Has A Presentiment
  23. The Temple of Truth
  24. Walking the Plank
  25. The Spirit of Life
  26. What We Saw
  27. We Leap
  28. Over the Mountain

In earth and skie and sea
Strange thyngs ther be

Doggerel couplet from the Sherd of Amenartas

I inscribe this history to


in token of personal regard

and of

my sincere admiration for his learning and his works

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