King Solomon's Mines, by H. Rider Haggard

Table of Contents



  1. I Meet Sir Henry Curtis
  2. The Legend of Solomon’s Mines
  3. Umbopa Enters Our Service
  4. An Elephant Hunt
  5. Our March into the Desert
  6. Water! WATER!
  7. Solomon’s Road
  8. We Enter Kukuanaland
  9. Twala the King
  10. The Witch-Hunt
  11. We Give a Sign
  12. Before the Battle
  13. The Attack
  14. The Last Stand of the Greys
  15. Good Falls Sick
  16. The Place of Death
  17. Solomon’s Treasure Chamber
  18. We Abandon Hope
  19. Ignosi’s Farewell
  20. Found


This faithful but unpretending record
of a remarkable adventure
is hereby respectfully dedicated by the narrator,

Allan Quatermain,

to all the big and little boys who read it.

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