Alan Quatermain, by H. Rider Haggard

Table of Contents


  1. The Consul’s Yarn
  2. The Black Hand
  3. The Mission Station
  4. Alphonse and His Annette
  5. Umslopogaas Makes A Promise
  6. The Night Wears On
  7. A Slaughter Grim and Great
  8. Alphonse Explains
  9. Into the Unknown
  10. The Rose of Fire
  11. The Frowning City
  12. The Sister Queens
  13. About the Zu-Vendi People
  14. The Flower Temple
  15. Sorais’ Song
  16. Before the Statue
  17. The Storm Breaks
  18. War! Red War!
  19. A Strange Wedding
  20. The Battle of the Pass
  21. Away! Away!
  22. How Umslopogaas Held the Stair
  23. I Have Spoken
  24. By Another Hand

I inscribe this book of adventure to my son


in the hope that in days to come he, and many other boys whom I shall never know, may, in the acts and thoughts of Allan Quatermain and his companions, as herein recorded, find something to help him and them to reach to what, with Sir Henry Curtis, I hold to be the highest rank whereto we can attain — the state and dignity of English gentlemen.

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