The Angel of the Revolution, by George Griffith

Table of Contents

  1. At the Eleventh Hour.
  2. At War with Society.
  3. A Friendly Chat.
  4. The House on Clapham Common.
  5. The Inner Circle.
  6. New Friends.
  7. The Daughter of Natas.
  8. Learning the Part.
  9. The Beginning of Sorrows.
  10. The “Ariel.”
  11. First Blood.
  12. In the Master’s Name.
  13. For Life or Death.
  14. The Psychological Moment.
  15. A Voyage of Discovery.
  16. A Wooing in Mid Air.
  17. Aeria Felix.
  18. A Navy of the Future.
  19. The Eve of Battle.
  20. Between Two Lives.
  21. Just in Time.
  22. Armed Neutrality.
  23. A Battle in the Night.
  24. The New Warfare.
  25. The Heralds of Disaster.
  26. An Interlude.
  27. On the Track of Treason.
  28. A Skirmish in the Clouds.
  29. An Embassy from the Sky.
  30. At Close Quarters.
  31. A Russian Raid.
  32. The End of the Chase.
  33. The Breaking of the Charm.
  34. The Path of Conquest.
  35. From Chaos to Arcadie.
  36. Love and Duty.
  37. The Capture of a Continent.
  38. The Beginning of the End.
  39. The Battle of Dover.
  40. Beleaguered London.
  41. An Envoy of Deliverance.
  42. The Eve of Armageddon.
  43. The Old Lion at Bay.
  44. The Turn of the Battle-Tide.
  45. Armageddon.
  46. Victory.
  47. The Judgment of Natas.
  48. The Ordering of Europe.
  49. The Story of the Master.
  50. Epilogue. “And on Earth Peace!”

List of Illustrations

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  1. Natasha. Drawn by Edwin S. Hope.
  2. “Good God, that is awful.”
  3. “The Ariel sank down after the leap across the ridge.”
  4. “You have seen the Field of Armageddon.”
  5. “This mysterious apparition.”
  6. “On the water the results of the air-ship’s attack were destructive almost beyond description.”
  7. “Come now, and fire the first shot in the warfare of the future.”
  8. “There was a sharp, grinding report from one of the tops of the man-of-war.”
  9. “Now is your time, cast!”
  10. “He dropped back into his chair with a bullet in his brain.”
  11. “The Centurion, the last of the British battleships, was struck by one of the submarine torpedoes.”
  12. “Her ram had passed completely through the gasholder.”
  13. “The rain of fire spread out far and wide.”
  14. “Do you understand now why you could not make terms for Russia?”
  15. “A vision which no one who saw it forgot to the day of his death.”
  16. “Two bayonets crossed in front of him with a sharp clash.”
  17. “Into the vast, white, silent wilderness, out of which none save the guards were destined ever to emerge again.”

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