The House of the Whispering Pines, by Anna Katharine Green

Table of Contents

Book One: Smoke

  1. The Hesitating Step
  2. It was she — She Indeed!
  3. “Open!”
  4. The Odd Candlestick
  5. A Scrap of Paper
  6. Comments and Reflections
  7. Clifton Accepts My Case
  8. A Chance! I Take it

Book Two: Sweetwater to the Front

  1. “We Know of No Such Letter”
  2. “I Can Help You”
  3. In the Coach House
  4. “Lila — LILA!”
  5. “What We Want is Here”
  6. The Motionless Figure
  7. Helen Surprises Sweetwater
  8. 62 Cuthbert Road
  9. “Must I Tell These Things?”
  10. On it was Written —
  11. “It ‘s Not what You Will Find”

Book Three: Hidden Surprises

  1. “He or You! There is No Third”
  2. Carmel Awakes
  3. “Break in the Glass!”
  4. At Ten Instead of Twelve
  5. All this Stood
  6. “I Am Innocent”
  7. The Syllable of Doom
  8. Expectancy
  9. “Where is My Brother?”

Book Four: What the Pines Whispered

  1. “I Remembered the Room”
  2. “Choose”
  3. “Were Her Hands Crossed then?”
  4. And I had Said Nothing!
  5. The Arrow of Death
  6. “Steady!”
  7. “As If it Were a Mecca”
  8. The Surcharged Moment

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