Agatha Webb, by Anna Katharine Green

Table of Contents

Book i

  1. A Cry on the Hill
  2. One Night’s Work
  3. The Empty Drawer
  4. The Full Drawer
  5. A Spot on the Lawn
  6. “Breakfast is Served, Gentlemen!”
  7. “Marry Me”
  8. “A Devil that Understands Men”
  9. A Grand Woman
  10. Detective Knapp Arrives
  11. The Man with a Beard
  12. Wattles Comes
  13. Wattles Goes
  14. A Final Temptation
  15. The Zabels Visited
  16. The Slippers, the Flower, and what Sweetwater Made of Them
  17. Some Leading Questions
  18. Poor Philemon
  19. A Surprise for Mr. Sutherland

Book ii

  1. Sweetwater Reasons
  2. Sweetwater Acts
  3. A Sinister Pair
  4. In the Shadow Op the Mast
  5. In Extremity
  6. The Adventure of the Parcel
  7. The Adventure of the Scrap of Paper and the Three Words
  8. “Who are You?”
  9. Home Again

Book iii

  1. What Followed the Steiking of the Clock
  2. A Witness Lost
  3. Why Agatha Webb Will Never Be Forgotten in Sutherlandtown
  4. Father and Son
  5. “Not when They are Young Girls”
  6. Sweetwater Pays His Debt at Last to Mr. Sutherland

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