Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Translated into English, in the original metres, by
Bayard Taylor
With illustrations by Harry Clarke

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Table of Contents


An Goethe


Prelude at the Theatre

Prologue in Heaven

First Part of the Tragedy

  1. Night
  2. Before the City–Gate
  3. The Study
  4. The Study
  5. Auerbach’s Cellar in Leipzig
  6. Witches’ Kitchen
  7. Street
  8. Evening a Small, Neatly Kept Chamber
  9. Promenade
  10. The Neighbor’s House
  11. A Street
  12. Garden
  13. A Garden–Arbor
  14. Forest and Cavern
  15. Margaret’s Room
  16. Martha’s Garden
  17. At the Fountain
  18. Donjon
  19. Night
  20. Cathedral
  21. Walpurgis–Night
  22. Walpurgis–Night’s Dream
  23. Dreary Day
  24. Night
  25. Dungeon



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