Imogen: a pastoral romance, by William Godwin

Table of Contents

  1. Character of the Shepherdess and Her Lover. — Feast of Ruthyn. — Songs of the Bards.
  2. Thunder Storm. — The Rape of Imogen. — Edwin Arrives at the Grotto of Elwy. — Character of the Magician. — The End of the First Day.
  3. Purposes of Roderic. — The Carriage of Imogen. — Her Contempt of Riches.
  4. Song in Honour of the Fair Sex. — Hypocrisy of the Magician. — The Triumph of Imogen. — Despair and Consolation of Roderic.
  5. The Garden of Rodogune Described. — The Hopes and Danger of Imogen. — Her Inconsolable Distress.
  6. Imogen Endeavours to Subdue the Attendants of Roderic. — The Supper of the Hall. — Journey and Arrival of Edwin. — Subtlety of the Magician. — He is Defeated. — End of the Second Day.

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