Enquiry concerning Political Justice, by William Godwin

Table of Contents


Preface to the Second Edition.


Summary of Principles Established and Reasoned Upon in the Following Work


  1. Of the Powers of Man Considered in His Social Capacity
    1. Introduction
    2. History of Political Society
    3. Spirit of Political Institutions.
    4. The Characters of Men Originate in Their External Circumstances.
    5. The Voluntary Actions of Men Originate in Their Opinions
    6. Of the Influence of Climate
    7. Of the Influence of Luxury
    8. Human Inventions Susceptible of Perpetual Improvement
  2. Principals of Society
    1. Introduction
    2. Of Justice
    3. Of the Equality of Mankind
    4. Of Personal Virtue and Duty
    5. Of Rights
    6. Of the Right of Private Judgment
  3. Principles of Government
    1. Systems of Political Writers
    2. Of the Social Contract
    3. Of Promises
    4. Of Political Authority
    5. Of Legislation
    6. Of Obedience
    7. Of Forms of Government
  4. Of the Operation of Opinion in Societies and Individuals
    1. Of Resistance
    2. Of Revolutions
    3. Of Political Associations
    4. Of Tyrannicide
    5. Of the Cultivation of Truth
    6. Of Sincerity
    7. Of Free Will and Necessity
    8. Inferences from the Doctrine of Necessity
    9. Of the Mechanism of the Human Mind
    10. Of Self-Love and Benevolence
    11. Of Good and Evil
  5. Of Legislative and Executive Power
    1. Introduction
    2. Of Education, the Education of a Prince
    3. Private Life of a Prince
    4. Of a Virtuous Despotism
    5. Of Courts and Ministers
    6. Of Subjects
    7. Of Elective Monarchy
    8. Of Limited Monarchy
    9. Of a President with Regal Powers
    10. Of Hereditary Distinction
    11. Moral Effects of Aristocracy
    12. Of Titles
    13. Of the Aristocratical Character
    14. General Features of Democracy
    15. Of Political Imposture
    16. Of the Causes of War
    17. Of the Object of War
    18. Of the Conduct of War
    19. Of Military Establishments and Treaties
    20. Of Democracy as Connected with the Transactions of War
    21. Of the Composition of Government
    22. Of the Future History of Political Societies
    23. Of National Assemblies
    24. Of the Dissolution of Government
  6. Effects of the Political Superintendence of Opinion
    1. General Efects of the Political Superintendence of Opinion
    2. Of Religious Establishments
    3. Of the Suppressions of Erroneous Opinions in Religion and Government
    4. Of Tests
    5. Of Oaths
    6. Of Libels
    7. Of Constitutions
    8. Of National Education
    9. Of Pensions and Salaries
    10. Of the Modes of Deciding a Question on the Part of the Community
  7. Of Crimes and Punishments
    1. Limitations of the Doctrine of Punishment Which Result from the Principles of Morality
    2. General Disadvantages of Punishment
    3. Of the Purposes of Punishment
    4. Of the Application of Punishment
    5. Of Punishment Considered as a Temporary Expedient
    6. Scale of Punishment
    7. Of Evidence
    8. Of Law
    9. Of Pardons
  8. Of Property
    1. Preliminary Observations
    2. Principles of Property
    3. Benefits Attendant on a System of Equality
    4. Objection to this System from the Frailty of the Human Mind
    5. Objection to this System from the Question of Permanence
    6. Objection to this System from the Allurements of Sloth
    7. Objection to this System from the Benefits of Luxury
    8. Objection to this System from the Inflexibility of Its Restrictions
    9. Objection to this System from the Principle of Population
    10. Reflections


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