The Life and Letters of John Gay, by Lewis Melville

Table of Contents



  1. 1685–1706 Early Years
  2. 1706–1712 Gay commences Author
  3. 1713 “Rural Sports,” “The Fan,” “The Wife of Bath,” etc.
  4. 1714 “The Shepherd’s Week,” “A Letter to a Lady.”
  5. 1715–1719 “The What D’ye Call It”— An Epistle to the Right Honourable the Earl of Burlington —“Trivia, or, The Art of Walking the Streets of London”—“Three Hours After Marriage.”
  6. 1720 “Poems on Several Occasions”— Gay Invests his Earnings in the South Sea Company — The South Sea “Bubble” Breaks, and Gay loses all his Money — Appointed a Commissioner of the State Lottery — Lord Lincoln Gives him an Apartment in Whitehall — At Tunbridge Wells — Correspondence with Mrs. Howard.
  7. 1724–1727 “The Captives”— The first series of “Fables”— Gay and the Court — Pope, Swift and Mrs. Howard.
  8. 1727 “The Beggar’s Opera”
  9. 1728–1729 “Polly”
  10. 1729 Correspondence
  11. 1730 Correspondence
  12. 1731 Correspondence
  13. 1732 Death


  1. Notes on the Sources of the Tunes of “The Beggar’s Opera,”.
  2. A Chronological List of the Correspondence of John Gay.
  3. Programme of the Revival of “The Beggar’s Opera,” Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, June 7th, 1920



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