The Compleat Cook, by W. M.

THE TABLE TO the Compleat COOK.

To make a Posset the Earle of Arundels way.

To boyle a Capon larded with Lemons.

To bake Red Deer.

To make fine Pancakes fryed without Butter or Lard.

To dresse a Pig the French manner.

To make a Steak Pye with a French Pudding in the Pye.

An excellent way for dressing Fish.

To Fricate Sheeps feet.

To Fricate Calves Chaldrons.

To Fricate Campigneons.

To make buttered Loaves.

To marine Carps, Mullet, Gormet, Rochet, or Wale.

To make a Calves Chaldron Pye.

To make a Pudding of Calves Chaldron.

To make a Banbury Cake.

To make a Devonshire White Pot.

To make Rice cream.

To make a very good Oxfordshire cake.

To make a Pompion Pye.

To make the best Sausages.

To boyle fresh fish.

To make friters.

To make loaves of Cheese curd.

To make fine Pyes after the French fashion.

A singular good receipt for making a Cake.

To make a great curd Loafe.

To make buttered Loaves of Cheese curds.

To make Cheese Loaves.

To make Puffe.

To make Elder Vinegar.

To make good Vinegar.

To make a collar of Beefe.

To make an Almond Pudding.

To boyle Creame with French Barly.

To make Cheese cakes.

To make a quaking Pudding.

To pickle Cucumbers.

To pickle broom buds.

To keep Quinces all the yeare.

To make a goosberry fool.

To make an Oatmeale pudding.

To make a green Pudding.

To make good Sausages.

To make toasts.

A Spanish cream.

To make clouted cream.

A good cream. To make Pyramids cream.

To make a sack cream.

To boyl Pigeons.

To make an apple tansey.

A french barly cream.

To make a Chicken or Pigeon Pye.

To boyle a capon or hen.

To make bals of Veal.

To make Mrs. Shelleyes cake.

To make Almond Jumbals.

To make cracknels.

To pickle Oysters.

To boyl cream with codlings.

To make the lady Abergaveers Cheese.

To dresse snails.

To boyl a rump of Beefe after the French fashion.

An excellent way of dressing fish.

To make fritters of Sheeps feet.

To make dry Salmon calvert in the boyling.

To make bisket bread.

To make an Almond pudding.

To make an Almond caudle.

To make Almond bread.

To make Almond cakes.

Master Rudstones posset.

To boyle a capon with Ranioles.

To make a bisque of carps.

To boyle a Pike and an Eele together.

To make an outlandish dish.

To make a Portugal dish.

To dresse a dish of Hartichockes.

To dresse a Fillet of Veal the Italian way.

To dresse soals.

To make furmity.

To make a patis or cabbage cream.

To make Pap.

To make Spanish Pap.

To poach Eggs.

A pottage of beefe Pallats.

The Jacobins pottage

To salt a Goose.

A way of stewing Chickens or Rabbets.

A pottage of Capons.

A Carp pye.

To boyle Ducks after the French fashion.

To boyle a goose with sausages.

To fry Chickens.

To make a battalia Pye.

To make a Chicken pye.

To make a pye of a Calves head.

To make Cream with Snow.

To make minced Pyes.

To drye Neates tongues.

To make jelly of harts horn.

To make Chickens fat in four or five dayes.

To make Angelot.

A Persian dish.

To roast a shoulder of Mutton.

To roast a leg of Mutton to be eaten cold.

To roast Oysters.

To make a Sack Posset.


To make a Sack Posset without Milk or Creame.

To make a stump pye.

To make Mrs. Leed Cheese Cakes.

To make taffaty tarts

To make fresh Cheese

To make Sugar Cakes or Jumballs

To hash a shoulder of Mutton

To dresse Flounders or Plaice with Garlick and Mustard

A turkish dish

To dresse a Pike

To dresse Oysters

To dresse Flounders

To dresse Snailes

To dresse pickle fish

To fricate beef Pallats

A Spanish Olio

To make a Spanish Olio.

To make Metheglin

To make a sallet of smelts

To roast a Fillet Beefe

To make a sallet of a cold Hen or Capon.

To stew Mushrumps

The Lord Conway his receipt for the makeing of Amber-puddings

To make a Partridge tart

To keep venison all the yeare

To make Brawn

To roast a Pike

To sauce Eeles

To make sausages without skins

To dresse a Pike.

To dresse Eeles

To boyle a pudding after the French fashion,

To make a fricate

To make a dish called Olives

To make an Olive Pye

The Countesse of Rutlands Receipt of makeing a rare Banbury Cake

An excellent Syllabub

To sauce a Pig

To make a Virginia trout

To make a fat Lamb of a Pig.

To make Rice pancakes

Mrs. Dukes Cakes.

To make fine Pancakes.

To pot Venison

To make a Marchpan to ice him

To make jelly the best manner

To make poor Knights

To make Shrewsberry Cakes

To make Beefe like Red Deere to be eaten Cold

To make Puffe

To make a hash of Chicken

To make an Almond Caudle

To make scalding Cheese towards the latter end of May

To pickle purslain


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