Frequently Asked Questions

I have an eReader device. How can I use your ebooks?

Most eReader devices support the ePub standard, and all of our eBooks are available in the ePub format. Just look for the ePub icon image on the title page of a book, and click on that to download the epub file.

For Kindle owners (or users of the Kindle app), there's also a Kindle format download available for most books. The icon for that looks like this: image

For iPad and iPhone users, I recommend the free Stanza app from Lexcycle. [Note: this has been purchased by Amazon, so there's some doubt as to how long it will survive. But for now, it's the best eBook app available for the iPhone and iPad.] You can browse our collection directly within the app, or through Safari. Clicking on the epub icon in Safari will prompt you to open the book in Stanza.

For other eReader devices, including Kindle, I recommend using the free Calibre application to download the epub file to your PC, and then upload to your device.

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