Frequently Asked Questions

How are these books produced?

Typically, I take a plain-text file from, say, the Project Gutenberg collection. I then use several locally-written Perl scripts to convert this file into HTML, and then split the HTML version into multiple pages, usually by chapter. Finally, a “front page” with table of contents is created linking them all together.

As much of this process as possible is automated. However, a certain amount of hand editing is always required to ensure good formatting of the result. This varies depending on the complexity of the work and the state of the original plain text version.

Sometimes, the original plain text file is already well-structured and conversion can take as little as fifteen minutes. Sometimes, the original lacks obvious structure and this has to be identified manually. Sometimes, the original contains “faults” which require some serious manual editing to put right. Removing end-of-line hyphenation is especially painful. In a worst case, preparation can take many hours.

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