Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of this site is: to provide access to the “classic” works of civilisation; to promote reading of the same; and for the editor to have fun. There are many sites offering classic works in one form or another. Putting them into a format which readers might actually enjoy using is a challenge which I enjoy. If others benefit from it, so much the better.

The Collection began around 1998. I was aware of other e-text projects and had compiled a web page directory of these sites. Dissatisfied with the presentation on those sites, I wanted to explore how one might present a book using HTML in such a way that it was as readable and enjoyable as a printed book. Having proved the concept, I then began adding titles and refining the format (and refinement continues to this day). The first title publicly promoted was Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend, done in order to tie in with an ABC TV adaptation which was showing at the time.

Selection of titles is loosely based on what are described as “the Great Books”, but includes all manner of things that took the Editor's fancy.

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