The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud

Table of Contents

  1. The Scientific Literature of Dream-Problems (Up to 1900)
    1. The Relation of the Dream to the Waking State
    2. The Material of Dreams — Memory in Dreams
    3. Dream-Stimuli and Sources
    4. Why Dreams Are Forgotten After Waking
    5. The Psychological Peculiarities of Dreams
    6. The Ethical Sense in Dreams
    7. Dream-Theories and the Function of the Dream
    8. The Relation between Dreams and Mental Diseases
  2. The Method of Dream Interpretation
  3. The Dream as Wish-Fulfilment
  4. Distortion in Dreams
  5. The Material and Sources of Dreams
    1. Recent and Indifferent Impressions in the Dream
    2. Infantile Experiences as the Source of Dreams
    3. The Somatic Sources of Dreams
    4. Typical Dreams
  6. The Dream-Work
    1. Condensation
    2. The Work of Displacement
    3. The Means of Representation in Dreams
    4. Regard for Representability
    5. Representation in Dreams by Symbols: Some Further Typical Dreams
    6. Examples — Arithmetic and Speech in Dreams
    7. Absurd Dreams — Intellectual Performances in Dreams
    8. The Affects in Dreams
    9. The Secondary Elaboration
  7. The Psychology of the Dream Processes
    1. The Forgetting of Dreams
    2. Regression
    3. The Wish-Fulfilment
    4. Waking Caused by Dreams — The Function of Dreams — The Anxiety Dream
    5. The Primary and Secondary Processes. Repression
    6. The Unconscious and Consciousness. Reality.

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