The Golden Bough : a study of magic and religion, by Sir James George Frazer

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  1. The King of the Wood
    1. Diana and Virbius
    2. Artemis and Hippolytus
    3. Recapitulation
  2. Priestly Kings
  3. Sympathetic Magic
    1. The Principles of Magic
    2. Homoeopathic or Imitative Magic
    3. Contagious Magic
    4. The Magician’s Progress
  4. Magic and Religion
  5. The Magical Control of the Weather
    1. The Public Magician
    2. The Magical Control of Rain
    3. The Magical Control of the Sun
    4. The Magical Control of the Wind
  6. Magicians as Kings
  7. Incarnate Human Gods
  8. Departmental Kings of Nature
  9. The Worship of Trees
    1. Tree-spirits
    2. Beneficent Powers of Tree-Spirits
  10. Relics of Tree Worship in Modern Europe
  11. The Influence of the Sexes on Vegetation
  12. The Sacred Marriage
    1. Diana as a Goddess of Fertility
    2. The Marriage of the Gods
  13. The Kings of Rome and Alba
    1. Numa and Egeria
    2. The King as Jupiter
  14. The Succession to the Kingdom in Ancient Latium
  15. The Worship of the Oak
  16. Dianus and Diana
  17. The Burden of Royalty
    1. Royal and Priestly Taboos
    2. Divorce of the Spiritual from the Temporal Power
  18. The Perils of the Soul
    1. The Soul as a Mannikin
    2. Absence and Recall of the Soul
    3. The Soul as a Shadow and a Reflection
  19. Tabooed Acts
    1. Taboos on Intercourse with Strangers
    2. Taboos on Eating and Drinking
    3. Taboos on Showing the Face
    4. Taboos on Quitting the House
    5. Taboos on Leaving Food over
  20. Tabooed Persons
    1. Chiefs and Kings tabooed
    2. Mourners tabooed
    3. Women tabooed at Menstruation and Childbirth
    4. Warriors tabooed
    5. Manslayers tabooed
    6. Hunters and Fishers tabooed
  21. Tabooed Things
    1. The Meaning of Taboo
    2. Iron tabooed
    3. Sharp Weapons tabooed
    4. Blood tabooed
    5. The Head tabooed
    6. Hair tabooed
    7. Ceremonies at Hair-cutting
    8. Disposal of Cut Hair and Nails
    9. Spittle tabooed
    10. Foods tabooed
    11. Knots and Rings tabooed
  22. Tabooed Words
    1. Personal Names tabooed
    2. Names of Relations tabooed
    3. Names of the Dead tabooed
    4. Names of Kings and other Sacred Persons tabooed
    5. Names of Gods tabooed
  23. Our Debt to the Savage
  24. The Killing of the Divine King
    1. The Mortality of the Gods
    2. Kings killed when their Strength fails
    3. Kings killed at the End of a Fixed Term
  25. Temporary Kings
  26. Sacrifice of the King’s Son
  27. Succession to the Soul
  28. The Killing of the Tree-Spirit
    1. The Whitsuntide Mummers
    2. Burying the Carnival
    3. Carrying out Death
    4. Bringing in Summer
    5. Battle of Summer and Winter
    6. Death and Resurrection of Kostrubonko
    7. Death and Revival of Vegetation
    8. Analogous Rites in India
    9. The Magic Spring
  29. The Myth of Adonis
  30. Adonis in Syria
  31. Adonis in Cyprus
  32. The Ritual of Adonis
  33. The Gardens of Adonis
  34. The Myth and Ritual of Attis
  35. Attis as a God of Vegetation
  36. Human Representatives of Attis
  37. Oriental Religions in the West
  38. The Myth of Osiris
  39. The Ritual of Osiris
    1. The Popular Rites
    2. The Official Rites
  40. The Nature of Osiris
    1. Osiris a Corn-god
    2. Osiris a Tree-spirit
    3. Osiris a God of Fertility
    4. Osiris a God of the Dead
  41. Isis
  42. Osiris and the Sun
  43. Dionysus
  44. Demeter and Persephone
  45. The Corn-Mother and the Corn-Maiden in Northern Europe
  46. The Corn-Mother in Many Lands
    1. The Corn-mother in America
    2. The Rice-mother in the East Indies
    3. The Spirit of the Corn embodied in Human Beings
    4. The Double Personification of the Corn as Mother and Daughter
  47. Lityerses
    1. Songs of the Corn Reapers
    2. Killing the Corn-spirit
    3. Human Sacrifices for the Crops
    4. The Corn-spirit slain in his Human Representatives
  48. The Corn-Spirit as an Animal
    1. Animal Embodiments of the Corn-spirit
    2. The Corn-spirit as a Wolf or a Dog
    3. The Corn-spirit as a Cock
    4. The Corn-spirit as a Hare
    5. The Corn-spirit as a Cat
    6. The Corn-spirit as a Goat
    7. The Corn-spirit as a Bull, Cow, or Ox
    8. The Corn-spirit as a Horse or Mare
    9. The Corn-spirit as a Pig (Boar or Sow)
    10. On the Animal Embodiments of the Corn-spirit
  49. Ancient Deities of Vegetation as Animals
    1. Dionysus, the Goat and the Bull
    2. Demeter, the Pig and the Horse
    3. Attis, Adonis, and the Pig
    4. Osiris, the Pig and the Bull
    5. Virbius and the Horse
  50. Eating the God
    1. The Sacrament of First-Fruits
    2. Eating the God among the Aztecs
    3. Many Manii at Aricia
  51. Homeopathic Magic of a Flesh Diet
  52. Killing the Divine Animal
    1. Killing the Sacred Buzzard
    2. Killing the Sacred Ram
    3. Killing the Sacred Serpent
    4. Killing the Sacred Turtles
    5. Killing the Sacred Bear
  53. The Propitiation of Wild Animals By Hunters
  54. Types of Animal Sacrament
    1. The Egyptian and the Aino Types of Sacrament
    2. Processions with Sacred Animals
  55. The Transference of Evil
    1. The Transference to Inanimate Objects
    2. The Transference to Animals
    3. The Transference to Men
    4. The Transference of Evil in Europe
  56. The Public Expulsion of Evils
    1. The Omnipresence of Demons
    2. The Occasional Expulsion of Evils
    3. The Periodic Expulsion of Evils
  57. Public Scapegoats
    1. The Expulsion of Embodied Evils
    2. The Occasional Expulsion of Evils in a Material Vehicle
    3. The Periodic Expulsion of Evils in a Material Vehicle
    4. On Scapegoats in General
  58. Human Scapegoats in Classical Antiquity
    1. The Human Scapegoat in Ancient Rome
    2. The Human Scapegoat in Ancient Greece
    3. The Roman Saturnalia
  59. Killing the God in Mexico
  60. Between Heaven and Earth
    1. Not to touch the Earth
    2. Not to see the Sun
    3. The Seclusion of Girls at Puberty
    4. Reasons for the Seclusion of Girls at Puberty
  61. The Myth of Balder
  62. The Fire-Festivals of Europe
    1. The Fire-festivals in general
    2. The Lenten Fires
    3. The Easter Fires
    4. The Beltane Fires
    5. The Midsummer Fires
    6. The Hallowe’en Fires
    7. The Midwinter Fires
    8. The Need-fire
  63. The Interpretation of the Fire-Festivals
    1. On the Fire-festivals in general
    2. The Solar Theory of the Fire-festivals
    3. The Purificatory Theory of the Fire-festivals
  64. The Burning of Human Beings in the Fires
    1. The Burning of Effigies in the Fires
    2. The Burning of Men and Animals in the Fires
  65. Balder and the Mistletoe
  66. The External Soul in Folk-Tales
  67. The External Soul in Folk-Custom
    1. The External Soul in Inanimate Things
    2. The External Soul in Plants
    3. The External Soul in Animals
    4. The Ritual of Death and Resurrection
  68. The Golden Bough
  69. Farewell to Nemi

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