My Brilliant Career, by Miles Franklin

Table of Contents

  1. I Remember, I Remember
  2. An Introduction to Possum Gully
  3. A Lifeless Life
  4. A Career Which Soon Careered To An End
  5. Disjointed Sketches And Grumbles
  6. Revolt
  7. Was E’er a Rose Without Its Thorn?
  8. Possum Gully Left Behind. Hurrah! Hurrah!
  9. Aunt Helen’s Recipe
  10. Everard Grey
  11. Yah!
  12. One Grand Passion
  13. He
  14. Principally Letters
  15. When the Heart is Young
  16. When Fortune Smiles
  17. Idylls of Youth
  18. As Short as I Wish had been the Majority of Sermons to which I have been Forced to give Ear
  19. The 9th of November 1896
  20. Same Yarn — continued
  21. My Unladylike Behaviour Again
  22. Sweet Seventeen
  23. “Ah, For One Hour of Burning Love, ’tis Worth an Age of Cold Respect!”
  24. Thou Knowest Not What a Day May Bring Forth
  25. Because?
  26. Boast Not Thyself of Tomorrow
  27. My Journey
  28. To Life
  29. To Life — continued
  30. Where Ignorance is Bliss, ’Tis Folly to be Wise
  31. Mr M’Swat and I Have a Bust-up
  32. Ta–Ta to Barney’s Gap
  33. Back at Possum Gully
  34. But Absent Friends are Soon Forgot
  35. The 3rd of December 1898
  36. Once Upon a Time, when the days were long and hot
  37. He that despiseth little things, shall fall little by little
  38. A Tale that is told and a Day that is done

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