At the Sign of the Reine Pédauque, by Anatole France

Table of Contents



  1. Why I recount the singular Occurrences of my Life
  2. My Home at the Queen Pédauque Cookshop — I turn the Spit and learn to read — Entry of Abbe Jerome Coignard.
  3. The Story of the Abbé‘s Life
  4. The Pupil of M. Jérôme Coignard — I receive Lessons in Latin Greek and Life.
  5. My Nineteenth Birthday — Its Celebration and the Entrance of M. d’Asterac.
  6. Arrival at the Castle of M. d’Asterac and Interview with the Cabalist.
  7. Dinner and Thoughts on Food
  8. The Library and its Contents
  9. At Work on Zosimus the Panopolitan — I visit my Home and hear Gossip about M. d’Asterac.
  10. I see Catherine with Friar Ange and reflect — The Liking of Nymphs for Satyrs — An Alarm of Fire — M. d’Asterac in his Laboratory.
  11. The Advent of Spring and its Effects — We visit Mosaïde
  12. I take a Walk and visit Mademoiselle Catherine
  13. Taken by M. d’Asterac to the Isle of Swans I listen to his Discourse on Creation and Salamanders.
  14. Visit to Mademoiselle Catherine — The Row in the Street and my Dismissal.
  15. In the Library with M. Jerome Coignard — A Conversation on Morals — Taken to M. d’Asterac’s Study — Salamanders again — The Solar Powder — A Visit and its Consequences.
  16. Jahel comes to my Room — What the Abbé saw on the Stairs — His Encounter with Mosaïde.
  17. Outside Mademoiselle Catherine’s House — We are invited in by M. d’Anquetil — The Supper — The Visit of the Owner and the horrible Consequences.
  18. Our Return — We smuggle M. d’Anquetil in-M. d’Asterac on Jealousy — M. Jérome Coignard in Trouble — What happened while I was in the Laboratory — Jahel persuaded to elope.
  19. Our last Dinner at M. d’Asterac’s Table — Conversation of M. Jerome Coignard and M. d’Asterac — A Message from Home — Catherine in the Spittel — We are wanted for Murder — Our Flight — Jahel causes me much Misery — Account of the Journey — The Abbe Coignard on Towns — Jahel’s Midnight Visit — We are followed — The Accident — M. Jerome Coignard is stabbed.
  20. Illness of M. Jerome Coignard
  21. Death of M. Jérôme Coignard
  22. Funeral and Epitaph
  23. Farewell to Jahel–Dispersal of the Party
  24. I am pardoned and return to Paris — Again at the Queen Pedauque — I go as Assistant to M. Blaizot — Burning of the Castle of Sablons — Death of Mosaide and of M. d’Asterac.
  25. I become a Bookseller — I have many learned and witty Customers but none to equal the Abbe Jerome Coignard, D. D., M. A.

List of Illustrations

  1. “I will go and reconnoitre the enemy”
  2. “A Salamander! — I see a Salamander!”
  3. It is their only potion
  4. This gentleman had read his Metamorphoses
  5. The shape of this box drew the attention of the captain
  6. Such was their lot, such would be ours
  7. I recognised Brother Ange, who was making off with such speed that he kicked himself with his sandalled feet as he ran
  8. “You are my Salamander”
  9. My surprise was great at discovering Monsieur Jerome Coignard hanging on a thorn bush
  10. During his slumber a Sylph transported him
  11. For whom the angels and the devils are fighting so fiercely

“I will go and reconnoitre the enemy”

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