The Red Lily, by Anatole France

Table of Contents

  1. “I need love”
  2. “One can see that you are young!”
  3. A Discussion on the Little Corporal
  4. The End of a Dream
  5. A Dinner ‘En Famille’
  6. A Distinguished Relict
  7. Madame has Her Way
  8. The Lady of the Bells
  9. Choulette Finds a New Friend
  10. Dechartre Arrives in Florence
  11. “The Dawn of Faith and Love”
  12. Hearts Awakened
  13. “You must take me with my own soul!”
  14. The Avowal
  15. The Mysterious Letter
  16. “To-morrow?”
  17. Miss Bell Asks a Question
  18. “I kiss your feet because they have come!”
  19. Choulette Takes a Journey
  20. What is Frankness?
  21. “I never have loved any one but you!”
  22. A Meeting at the Station
  23. “One is never kind when one is in love”
  24. Choulette’s Ambition
  25. “We are Robbing Life”
  26. In Dechartre’s Studio
  27. The Primrose Path
  28. News of Le Menil
  29. Jealousy
  30. A Letter from Robert
  31. An Unwelcome Apparition
  32. The Red Lily
  33. A White Night
  34. “I see the other with you always!”

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