Penguin Island, by Anatole France

Table of Contents


Book I.

  1. Life of Saint Mael.
  2. The Apostolical Vocation of Saint Mael.
  3. The Temptation of Saint Mael.
  4. St. Mael’s Navigation on the Ocean of Ice.
  5. The Baptism of the Penguins.
  6. An Assembly in Paradise.
  7. An Assembly in Paradise. (Continuation and End)
  8. Metamorphosis of the Penguins.

Book II.

  1. The First Clothes.
  2. The First Clothes. (Continuation and End)
  3. Setting Bounds to the Fields, And the Origin of Property.
  4. The First Assembly of the Estates of Penguinia.
  5. The Marriage of Kraken and Orberosia.
  6. The Dragon of Alca.
  7. The Dragon of Alca. (Continuation)
  8. The Dragon of Alca. (Continuation)
  9. The Dragon of Alca. (Continuation)
  10. The Dragon of Alca. (Continuation)
  11. The Dragon of Alca. (Continuation)
  12. The Dragon of Alca. (Continuation)
  13. The Dragon of Alca. (Continuation and End)

Book III.

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance

  1. Brian the Good and Queen Glamorgan.
  2. Draco the Great. (Translation of the Relics of St. Orberosia)
  3. Queen Crucha.
  4. Letters: Johannes Talpa.
  5. The Arts: The Primitives of Penguin Painting.
  6. Marbodius.
  7. Signs in the Moon.

Book IV.

Modern Times: Trinco

  1. Mother Rouquin.
  2. Trinco.
  3. The Journey of Doctor Obnubile.

Book V.

Modern Times: Chatillon

  1. The Reverend Fathers Agaric and Cornemuse.
  2. Prince Crucho.
  3. The Cabal.
  4. Viscountess Olive.
  5. The Prince Des Boscenos.
  6. The Emiral’s Fall.
  7. Conclusion.

Book VI.

Modern Times: The Affair of the Eighty Thousand Trusses of Hay.

  1. General Greatauk, Duke of Skull.
  2. Pyrot.
  3. Count De Maubec De La Dentdulynx.
  4. Colomban.
  5. The Reverend Fathers Agaric and Cornemuse.
  6. The Seven Hundred Pyrotists.
  7. Bidault-Coquille and Maniflore, the Socialists.
  8. The Colomban Trial.
  9. Father Douillard.
  10. Mr. Justice Chaussepied.
  11. Conclusion.

Book VII.

Modern Times: Madame Ceres.

  1. Madame Clarence’s Drawing-Room.
  2. The Charity of St. Orberosia.
  3. Hippolyte Ceres.
  4. A Politician’s Marriage.
  5. The Visire Cabinet.
  6. The Sofa of the Favourite.
  7. The First Consequences.
  8. Further Consequences.
  9. The Final Consequences.
  10. The Zenith of Penguin Civilization.

Book VIII.

Future Times: The Endless History

  1. SS 1.
  2. SS 2.
  3. SS 3.
  4. SS 4.

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