’Tis Pity She’s a Whore, by John Ford

Dramatis Personæ.

Bonaventura, a Friar.
A Cardinal, Nuncio to the Pope.
Soranzo, a Nobleman.

Florio, Donado, Citizens of Parma.

Grimaldi, a Roman Gentleman.
Giovanni, Son to Florio.
Bergetto, Nephew to Donado.
Richardetto, a supposed Physician.
Vasques, Servant to Soranzo.
Poggio, Servant to Bergetto.


Annabella, Daughter to Florio.
Hippolita, Wife to Richardetto.
Philotis, his Niece.
Putana, Tutoress to Annabella.

Officers, Attendants, Servants, &c.

The Scene — Parma.


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