The Broken Heart, by John Ford

The Speakers’ Names Fitted to their Qualities

Amyclas, Common to the Kings of Laconia.

Ithocles, Honour of loveliness, a Favourite.

Orgilus, Angry, son to Crotolon.

Bassanes, Vexation, a jealous Nobleman.

Armostes, an Appeaser, a Councillor of State.

Crotolon, Noise, another Councillor.

Prophilus, Dear, Friend to Ithocles.

Nearchus, Young Prince, Prince of Argos.

Tecnicus, Artist, a Philosopher.

Hemophil, Glutton, Groneas, Tavern-haunter, two Courtiers.

Amelus, Trusty, Friend to Nearchus.

Phulas, Watchful, Servant to Bassanes.

Calantha, Flower of beauty, the King’s Daughter.

Penthea, Complaint, Sister to Ithocles [and Wife to Bassanes].

Euphranea, Joy, a Maid of honour [Daughter to Crotolon].

Christalla, Christal, and Philema, A Kiss, Maids of honour.

Grausis, Old Beldam, Overseer of Penthea.

Persons included:

Theasus, Fierceness, Father of Ithocles.

Aplotes, Simplicity, Orgilus so disguised.

Lords, Courtiers, Officers, Attendants, etc.

SCENE— Sparta.

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