A journey from this world to the next, by Henry Fielding

Table of Contents


Book I

  1. The author dies, meets with Mercury, and is by him conducted to the stage which sets out for the other world.
  2. In which the author first refutes some idle opinions concerning spirits, and then the passengers relate their several deaths.
  3. The adventures we met with in the City of Diseases.
  4. Discourses on the road, and a description of the palace of Death.
  5. The travelers proceed on their journey, and meet several spirits who are coming into the flesh.
  6. An account of the wheel of fortune, with a method of preparing a spirit for this world.
  7. The proceedings of judge Minos at the gate of Elysium.
  8. The adventures which the author met on his first entrance into Elysium.
  9. More adventures in Elysium.
  10. The author is surprised at meeting Julian the apostate in Elysium; but is satisfied by him by what means he procured his entrance there. Julian relates his adventures in the character of a slave.
  11. In which Julian relates his adventures in the character of an avaricious Jew.
  12. What happened to Julian in the characters of a general, an heir, a carpenter, and a beau.
  13. Julian passes into a fop.
  14. Adventures in the person of a monk.
  15. Julian passes into the character of a fiddler.
  16. The history of the wise man.
  17. Julian enters into the person of a king.
  18. Julian passes into a fool.
  19. Julian appears in the character of a beggar.
  20. Julian performs the part of a statesman.
  21. Julian’s adventures in the post of a soldier.
  22. What happened to Julian in the person of a tailor.
  23. The life of alderman Julian.
  24. Julian recounts what happened to him while he was a poet.
  25. Julian performs the parts of a knight and a dancing-master.

Book XIX

  1. Wherein Anna Boleyn relates the history of her life.



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