A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms, by Fa-hsien

Table of Contents


Life of Fa-Hien; Genuineness and Integrity of the Text of his Narrative; Number of the Adherents of Buddhism.


  1. From Ch’ang-Gan to the Sandy Desert
  2. On to Shen-Shen and Thence to Khoten
  3. Khoten. Processions of Images. The King’s New Monastery.
  4. Through the Ts’ung or “Onion” Mountains to K’eeh-Ch’a; — Probably Skardo, or Some City More to the East in Ladak
  5. Great Quinquennial Assembly of Monks. Relics of Buddha. Productions of the Country.
  6. On Towards North India. Darada. Image of Maitreya Bodhisattva.
  7. Crossing of the Indus. When Buddhism First Crossed the River for the East
  8. Woo-Chang, or Udyana. Monasteries, and Their Ways. Traces of Buddha.
  9. Soo-Ho-To. Legend of Buddha.
  10. Gandhara. Legends of Buddha.
  11. Takshasila. Legends. The Four Great Topes.
  12. Purushapura, or Peshawur. Prophecy About King Kanishka and His Tope. Buddha’s Alms-Bowl. Death of Hwuy-Ying.
  13. Nagara. Festival of Buddha’s Skull-Bone. Other Relics, and His Shadow.
  14. Death of Hwuy-King in the Little Snowy Mountains. Lo-E. Pohna. Crossing the Indus to the East.
  15. Bhida. Sympathy of Monks with the Pilgrims.
  16. On to Mathura or Muttra. Condition and Customs of Central India; of the Monks, Viharas, and Monasteries.
  17. Sankasya. Buddha’s Ascent to and Descent from the Trayastrimsas Heaven, and Other Legends.
  18. Kanyakubja, or Canouge. Buddha’s Preaching.
  19. Sha-Che. Legend of Buddha’s Danta-Kashtha.
  20. Kosala and Sravasti. The Jetavana Vihara and Other Memorials and Legends of Buddha. Sympathy of the Monks with the Pilgrims.
  21. The Three Predecessors of Sakyamuni in the Buddhaship.
  22. Kapilavastu. Its Desolation. Legends of Buddha’s Birth, and Other Incidents in Connexion with it.
  23. Rama, and its Tope.
  24. Where Buddha Finally Renounced the World, and where he Died.
  25. Vaisali. The Tope Called “Weapons Laid Down.” The Council of Vaisali.
  26. Remarkable Death of Ananda.
  27. Pataliputtra or Patna, in Magadha. King Asoka’s Spirit-Built Palace and Halls. The Buddhist Brahman, Radha-Sami. Dispensaries and Hospitals.
  28. Rajagriha, New and Old. Legends and Incidents Connected with it.
  29. Gridhra-Kuta Hill, and Legends. Fa-Hien Passes a Night on It. His Reflections.
  30. The Srataparna Cave, or Cave of the First Council. Legends. Suicide of a Bhikshu.
  31. Gaya. Sakyamuni’s Attaining to the Buddhaship; and Other Legends.
  32. Legend of King Asoka in a Former Birth, and His Naraka.
  33. Mount Gurupada, where Kasyapa Buddha’s Entire Skeleton is.
  34. On the Way Back to Patna. Varanasi, or Benares. Sakyamuni’s First Doings After Becoming Buddha.
  35. Dakshina, and the Pigeon Monastery.
  36. In Patna. Fa-Hien’s Labours in Transcription of Manuscripts, and Indian Studies for Three Years.
  37. To Champa and Tamalipti. Stay and Labours There for Three Years. Takes Ship to Singhala, or Ceylon.
  38. At Ceylon. Rise of the Kingdom. Feats of Buddha. Topes and Monasteries. Statue of Buddha in Jade. Bo Tree. Festival of Buddha’s Tooth.
  39. Cremation of an Arhat. Sermon of a Devotee.
  40. After Two Years Takes Ship for China. Disastrous Passage to Java; and Thence to China; Arrives at Shan-Tung; and Goes to Nanking. Conclusion or L’envoi by Another Writer.


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