Impressions of Theophrastus Such, by George Eliot

Table of Contents

  1. Looking Inward.
  2. Looking Backward.
  3. How We Encourage Research.
  4. A Man Surprised at His Originality.
  5. A Too Deferential Man.
  6. Only Temper.
  7. A Political Molecule.
  8. The Watch-Dog of Knowledge
  9. A Half-Breed
  10. Debasing the Moral Currency.
  11. The Wasp Credited with the Honeycomb
  12. “So Young!”
  13. How We Come to Give Ourselves False Testimonials, and Believe in Them.
  14. The Too Ready Writer
  15. Diseases of Small Authorship
  16. Moral Swindlers.
  17. Shadows of the Coming Race.
  18. The Modern Hep! Hep! HEP!

“Suspicione si quis errabit sua,

Et rapiet ad se, quod erit commune omnium,

Stulte nudabit animi conscientiam

Huic excusatum me velim nihilominus

Neque enim notare singulos mens est mihi,

Verum ipsam vitam et mores hominum ostendere”

— Phaedrus

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