The Worm Ouroboros, by E. R. Eddison

Table of Contents

The Induction
  1. The Castle of Lord Juss
  2. The Wrastling for Demonland
  3. The Red Foliot
  4. Conjuring in the Iron Tower
  5. King Gorice’s Sending
  6. The Claws of Witchland
  7. Guests of the King in Carcë
  8. The First Expedition to Impland
  9. Salapanta Hills
  10. The Marchlands of the Moruna
  11. The Burg of Eshgrar Ogo
  12. Koshtra Pivrarcha
  13. Koshtra Belorn
  14. The Lake of Ravary
  15. Queen Prezmyra
  16. The Lady Sriva’s Embassage
  17. The King Flies His Haggard
  18. The Murther of Gallandus by Corsus
  19. Thremnir’s Heugh
  20. King Corinius
  21. The Parley Before Krothering
  22. Aurwath and the Switchwater
  23. The Weird Begun of Ishnain Nemartra
  24. A King in Krothering
  25. Lord Gro and the Lady Mevrian
  26. The Battle of Krothering Side
  27. The Second Expedition to Impland
  28. Zora Rach Nam Psarrion
  29. The Fleet at Muelva
  30. Tidings of Melikaphkhaz
  31. The Demons Before Carcë
  32. The Latter End of All the Lords of Witchland
  33. Queen Sophonisba in Galing
Argument: with Dates
Bibliographical Note on the Verses


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