Absalom and Achitophel, by John Dryden

A Key to Both Parts of Absalom and Achitophel.

Aldael — General Monk, Duke of Albemarle.

Abethdin — The name given, through this poem, to a Lord–Chancellor in general.

Absalom — Duke of Monmouth, natural son of King Charles II.

Achitophel — Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury.

Adriel — John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave.

Agag — Sir Edmundbury Godfrey.

Amiel — Mr Seymour, Speaker of the House of Commons.

Amri — Sir Heneage Finch, Earl of Winchelsea, and Lord Chancellor.

Annabel — Duchess of Monmouth.

Arod — Sir William Waller.

Asaph — A character drawn by Tate for Dryden, in the second part of this poem.

Balaam — Earl of Huntingdon.

Balak — Barnet.

Barzillai — Duke of Ormond.

Bathsheba — Duchess of Portsmouth.

Benaiah — General Sackville.

Ben Jochanan — Rev. Samuel Johnson.

Bezaliel — Duke of Beaufort.

Caleb — Ford, Lord Grey of Werk.

Corah — Dr Titus Oates.

David — King Charles II.

Doeg — Elkanah Settle, the city poet.

Egypt — France.

Eliab — Sir Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington.

Ethnic–Plot — The Popish Plot.

Gath — The Land of Exile, more particularly Brussels, where King Charles II. long resided.

Hebrew Priests — The Church of England Clergy.

Hebron — Scotland.

Helon — Earl of Feversham, a Frenchman by birth, and nephew to Marshal Turenne.

Hushai — Hyde, Earl of Rochester.

Ishban — Sir Robert Clayton, Alderman, and one of the City Members.

Ishbosheth — Richard Cromwell.

Israel — England.

Issachar — Thomas Thynne, Esq., who was shot in his coach.

Jebusites — Papists.

Jerusalem — London.

Jews — English.

Jonas — Sir William Jones, a great lawyer.

Jordan — Dover.

Jotham — Saville, Marquis of Halifax.

Jothram — Lord Dartmouth.

Judas — Mr Ferguson, a canting teacher.

Mephibosheth — Pordage.

Michal — Queen Catharine.

Nadab — Lord Howard of Escrick.

Og — Shadwell.

Othniel — Henry, Duke of Grafton, natural son of King Charles II. by the Duchess of Cleveland.

Phaleg — Forbes.

Pharaoh — King of France.

Rabsheka — Sir Thomas Player, one of the City Members.

Sagan of Jerusalem — Dr Compton, Bishop of London, youngest son to the Earl of Northampton.

Sanhedrim — Parliament.

Saul — Oliver Cromwell.

Sheva — Sir Roger Lestrange.

Shimei — Slingsby Bethel, Sheriff of London in 1680.

Sion — England.

Solymaean Rout — London Rebels.

Tyre — Holland.

Uzza — Jack Hall.

Zadoc — Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Zaken — A Member of the House of Commons.

Ziloah — Sir John Moor, Lord Mayor in 1682.

Zimri — Villiers, Duke of Buckingham.

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