Micah Clarke, by Arthur Conan Doyle

Table of Contents

  1. Of Cornet Joseph Clarke of the Ironsides
  2. Of my going to school and of my coming thence.
  3. Of Two Friends of my Youth
  4. Of the Strange Fish that we Caught at Spithead
  5. Of the Man with the Drooping Lids
  6. Of the Letter that came from the Lowlands
  7. Of the Horseman who rode from the West
  8. Of our Start for the Wars
  9. Of a Passage of Arms at the Blue Boar
  10. Of our Perilous Adventure on the Plain
  11. Of the Lonely Man and the Gold Chest
  12. Of certain Passages upon the Moor
  13. Of Sir Gervas Jerome, Knight Banneret of the County of Surrey
  14. Of the Stiff-legged Parson and his Flock
  15. Of our Brush with the King’s Dragoons
  16. Of our Coming to Taunton
  17. Of the Gathering in the Market-square
  18. Of Master Stephen Timewell, Mayor of Taunton
  19. Of a Brawl in the Night
  20. Of the Muster of the Men of the West
  21. Of my Hand-grips with the Brandenburger
  22. Of the News from Havant
  23. Of the Snare on the Weston Road
  24. Of the Welcome that met me at Badminton
  25. Of Strange Doings in the Boteler Dungeon
  26. Of the Strife in the Council
  27. Of the Affair near Keynsham Bridge
  28. Of the Fight in Wells Cathedral
  29. Of the Great Cry from the Lonely House
  30. Of the Swordsman with the Brown Jacket
  31. Of the Maid of the Marsh and the Bubble which rose from the Bog
  32. Of the Onfall at Sedgemoor
  33. Of my Perilous Adventure at the Mill
  34. Of the Coming of Solomon Sprent
  35. Of the Devil in Wig and Gown
  36. Of the End of it All


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