American Notes for General Circulation, by Charles Dickens

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Cheap Edition of “American Notes”

Preface to the “Charles Dickens” Edition of “American Notes”


  1. Going Away
  2. The Passage Out
  3. Boston
  4. An American Railroad. Lowell and its Factory System
  5. Worcester. The Connecticut River. Hartford. New Haven. To New York
  6. New York
  7. Philadelphia, and its Solitary Prison
  8. Washington. The Legislature. And the President’s House
  9. A Night Steamer on the Potomac River. Virginia Road, and a Black Driver. Richmond. Baltimore. The Harrisburg Mail, and a Glimpse of the City. A Canal Boat
  10. Some Further Account of the Canal Boat, its Domestic Economy, and its Passengers. Journey to Pittsburg Across the Alleghany Mountains. Pittsburg
  11. From Pittsburg to Cincinnati in a Western Steamboat. Cincinnati
  12. From Cincinnati to Louisville in Another Western Steamboat; and from Louisville to St. Louis in Another. St. Louis
  13. A Jaunt to the Looking-Glass Prairie and Back
  14. Return to Cincinnati. A Stage-Coach Ride from that City to Columbus, and Thence to Sandusky. So, by Lake Erie, to the Falls of Niagara
  15. In Canada; Toronto; Kingston; Montreal; Quebec; St. John’s. In the United States Again; Lebanon; the Shaker Village; West Point
  16. The Passage Home
  17. Slavery
  18. Concluding Remarks


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