The Storm, by Daniel Defoe

Table of Contents

  1. The Preface.
  2. Of the natural causes and original of winds.
  3. Of the opinion of the Ancients, that this island was more subject to storms than other parts of the world.
  4. Of the Storm in general.
  5. Of the extent of this Storm, and from what parts it was supposed to come; with some circumstances as to the time of it.
  6. Of the Effects of the Storm.
  7. I. Of the damages in the City of London, and parts adjacent.
  8. II. — Of the Damages in the Country.
  9. III. the Damages on the Water.
  10. Second. — Of the Damage to the Royal Navy.
  11. Of the Earthquake.
  12. The Conclusion.
  13. Defoe’s Poetical Essay on the Storm

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