The History of the Pyrates, by Daniel Defoe

Table of Contents

The history of the pyrates

A Map of the Middle Part of America


Containing the LIVES of
Captain Misson.
Captain Bowen.
Captain Kidd.
Captain Tew.
Captain Halsey.
Captain White.
Captain Condent.
Captain Bellamy.
Captain Fly.
Captain Howard.
Captain Lewis.
Captain Cornelius.
Captain Williams.
Captain Burgess.
Captain North.
And their several CREWS.

Intermix'd with a
Description of Magadoxa in Ethiopia; the natural Hatred and Cruelty of the Inhabitants to all Whites; their Laws, Manners, Customs, Government and Religion: With a particular ACCOUNT of the beautiful Tombs, and their Ceremony of guarding them, taken from Captain Beavis's Journal; and that of a Molotto, who belong'd to the said Captain, was taken by, and lived several Years with the MAGADOXIANS

To the Whole is added
An APPENDIX, which compleats the Lives of the first Volume, corrects some Mistakes; and contains the Tryal and Execution of the pyrates at Providence; under Governor Rogers; with some other necessary Insertions, which did not come to Hand till after the Publication of the first Volume, and which makes up what was defective Collected from Journals of pyrates, brought away by a Person who was taken by, and forc'd to live with them 12 Years; and from those of Commanders, who had fallen into their Hands, some of whom have permitted their Names to be made use of, as a Proof of the Veracity of what we have published. The Whole instructive and entertaining.


By Capt. Charles Johnson, Author of Vol. I.
Omne tulit punctum, qui misouit utile dulci.Hor.

Printed for, and Sold by T. Woodward, at the Half-moon,
over-against St. Dunftan's Church, Fleet-street.

The Contents.

Of Captain Misson.

HIS Birth and Education. He goes on board the Victoire. Visits Rome, is acquainted with a lewd Priest. The Saying of a Cardinal. Misson carries Caraccioli toLeghorn. The Victoire engages two Sally Men, Caraccioli wounded. Misson returns home; a short Description of Marseilles; Misson and his Companion go on board the Triumph. TheMayflower, Capt. Balladine taken; the French Captain's Behaviour to the English Prisoners; his remarkable Speech. The Port Royal, an English Jamaica Man, chas'd; the Triumph returns to Brest, strikes on a Rock; a short Description of the Town and Harbour; she goes thence toRochel; Misson and his Companion take their Departure for the West Indies. The Reason for Circumcision,. New Thoughts of a future State. The first Foundation of Monarchy. The Winchelsea, an English Man of War, blown up; Misson saluted Captain. Caraccioli chosen Lieutenant; the Captain harangues his Crew; the Resolution taken by all to turn pyrates. The Character of a good and bad Magistrate. A Defence of Pyracy; the black Ensign rejected, a new one devised; a Present of Plate made to Misson. Misson's Speech to his Men. He declares War against all the World; they take aBoston Sloop off St. Christophers. A Jamaica Privateer taken by Stratagem. The Privateer discharged; meets with and turns back the Diana; the Victoire engages two Dutchmen between Carthagena and Porto Bello. One of the Dutchmen sunk, the other taken;Caraccioli goes ashore at Carthagena. The Prize sold to the Spaniards. Two English Men of War on the Point of engaging each other. Misson goes in the Pursuit of a Galleon but misses her; Men out of the Dutch Prize take on with the pyrates; they take a Jamaica Merchant Man in the Gulf of Florida, discharge the Ship with little Damage. 12 French Prisaners out of the Prize join Misson; his Generosity to the Prisoners; heaves down his Ship. The Course they should steer put to the Vote, and resolved for the Guiney Coast. The Niewstadt taken and detain'd; the Captain's Speech, the Slaves made free. Misson goes into Logoa Bay, cleans theVictoire and his Prize. His Speech to the Dutch. The pyrates take another Dutch Ship on the Coast of Angola, plunders and sink her; he sends away his Prisoners in the first Prize; 11 Dutch take on with Misson. He takes an English Ship, the Captain killed in the Engagement, and buried in Soldinia Bay; the Ceremony of his Funeral; 30 English enter with the pyrates. Caraccioli made Captain of the Prize; the rest of the English come over, Officers excepted; they cruize off Johanna; save the Crew of an English Ship; they are kindly received at Johanna. The Policy of the pyrates; Misson, Caraccioli, and several of their Men take Wives; some stay on this, others joinMisson; the King of Mohila invades the Johannians. The Mohilians defeated; Misson sails for Mohila. Lands and does great Damage; the Queen of Johanna's Request contrary toMisson's Views, . Ambassadors from Mohila; a remarkable Speech of one of them. Treachery of the Mohilians. Caraccioli wounded. Stratagem of the King of Mohila to excuse himself; the Opinion of the Johannians; a second Landing. The pyrates return toJohanna; the conjugal Affection of a Johanna Woman. The Manner of her Suicide. They resolve for the Coast of Mohila. They take a Portuguese Ship; Caraccioli looses his right Leg; they return to Johanna; Misson sails for Madagascar, enters the Bay to the Northward of Diego Suarez. Pitches on a Place for settling, and return to Johanna. His Demand of the Johannians, and their Compliance, . They go to Madagascar; begin to settle; meet with a Native. They come with a Village.

Of Captain Bowen.

TAKES the Coneway near Collequilon. Steers for Madagascar, looses his Ship off, and is entertain'd by the Governor at, Mauritius; buys a Vessel, goes to Madagascar, settles at Maritan . Surprizes the Speedy Return, a Scots Ship. Captain Green driven intoScotland, suspected of pyratically taking the Scots Ship. The Evidence against Green . That Evidence refuted, . Captain Green, &c. condemned. Their Treatment after Sentence. Haines and Linseys forced Confession. The Roper Galley brings home two of the Speedy Return's Crew; the Commotions among the common people, and Execution ofGreen, Madder, Sympson. Captain Green's speech. Bowen sails for Mascarenas, is disappointed in his Hopes. Looses Company of his Brigantine; sails for Mauritius; comes back toMadagascar join'd by the Brigantine, which they condemn and burn; hears of Captain Howard. Sails in Search of Howard, meets with him at Mayotta; they take the Pembroke, and after plundering let her go, . Capt. Whaley, falsely printed Woolley, detain'd; the Speedy Return goes toMadagascar to clean; coming back and missing their Comrade they steer for the Red Sea. Join theProsperous off the Highland of St. John; Bowen takes a Moor Ship; the Prosperous separated by the Chase joins them, both Ships burnt, and both Crews go on board the Prize, The Villany of a Dutchman. Captain Whaley discharged; the Pembroke a second Time plunder'd; the pyrates go to Mauritius; two of Drummond's Crew get away, who were fruitless Evidences for Capt. Green.

Of Captain William Kid.

Commanded a Privateer in the West-Indies, recommended to the Government by Lord Bellamont, &c. . Not encouraged, he is sent out in a private Man of War with the King's Commission. He sails for New York, in his Way takes a French Banker arrived there, ships more Hands. Sails to Maderas, Bonavista, Cape de Verd Islands, and Madagascar; meets 3 English Men of War; meets with nothing at Madagascar; goes to the Malabar Coast, cruizes about Mohila andJohanna, borrows Money and repairs his Ship. At Mabbee he takes some Corn; from thence steers for Bab's Key; he sends a Boat along the Coast, and gains Intelligence. He falls in with a Fleet, but is obliged to sheer off; goes to the Malabar Coast, takes a Moorish Vessel; treats the Men cruelly, and discharges the Vessel; touches at Carawar, and is suspected of Pyracy. Engages a Portuguese Man of War sent after him and gets off; takes a Moor Ship, under Pretence of her being French. Keeps Company with a Dutch Ship; quarrels with and kills his Gunner; plunders a Portuguese Ship on the Malabar Coast and lets her go; his Cooper is murder'd in one of the Malabar Islands; he burns and pillages several Houses; commands a Native to be shot. He takes the Queda, and shares l. a Man amongst his Crew. He cheats the Indians; goes to Madagascar; meets there Culliford the Pyrate, shifts into the Queda, and shares the rest of her Cargo. His Men desert from him ; goes to Amboyna, hears he is declared a Pyrate in England; Lord Bellamont prints his Justification; a Pardon granted to pyrates, Avery and Kid excepted. Kid goes to, and is secured at New York; some of his Crew depending on the Pardon, are confined; sent to England and condemn'd, excepted. A Distinction of the Lawyers; Kid found guilty of the Murder of his Gunner; some plead the King's Pardon to no Purpose. Mullins his Plea. Kid's Plea useless, he and his Men indicted, executed.

Of Captain Tew.

REason for breaking off Capt. Misson's Life, his Adventures continued. Misson's Crew correspond with the Natives; Misson goes to Sea again, meets a Portuguese Ship of Guns. After an obstinate Engagement makes her Prize. He meets Captain Tew. Tew set out by the Governor of Bermudas, with Captain Drew; they are parted in a Storm; he proposes to his Men the going on the Account. Tew steers for the Red Seas; meets with and takes a rich Prize, . The pyrates share out of her l. a Man; the Quarter Master and Men settle at Madagascar; Tew goes with Misson. Account of Proceedings ashore. The Prisoners discharged. Tew goes to the Guiney Coast, makes two Prizes and returns. Misson builds two sloops. Some Natives settle among those of the Colony, Caraccioli goes to Mascarenas returns with a Dutch Prize; Misson sails to the Northward, meets a Ship of the great Mogul's. Shapes his Course with his Prize for Madagascar; is overtaken with a Storm. Arrive at their Settlement; theVictoire rebuilt; the Settlement attack'd. The Disposition of their Forces; they repel and pursue the Invaders, . The pyrates take a Ship and execute two Prisoners. Caraccioli's Speech. Some Difference arises among the French and English, and is accommodated; a general Assembly called, . A Form of Government propos'd and enter'd upon; a Council chosen and a Council-house built;Caraccioli opens the Session with a Speech. Great Officers and a privy Council chosen. Tew goes to Sea; speaks with his old Quarter-Master. The Quarter Master's Discourse to him. The Quarter Master's Reasons for settling at Madagascar. The Victoire and her Crew lost: Tew stays Months with his old Companions; meets Captain Misson. He tells Tew the Misfortune of the Colony offers him one of the Sloops. Misson shares the Treasure they shape their course for the Guiney Coast; Misson perishes in a Storm; Tew arrives at Rhode Island; satisfies his Owners; how these Papers came to the Author's Hand; Tew persuaded to go out again. He meets a Ship in the Streights of the Red Sea; is kill'd in the Engagement, and his Men surrender.

Of Captain Halsey.

HIS Birth; he goes out with a Commission; takes a French Banker, goes to Fial and the Canary Islands; makes Prize at ; goes to Bravo, turns his Lieutenant ashore, steers for Madagascar, takes in some Ship-wreck'd Men; makes for the Red Seas. Meets with and keeps Company with a Dutch Ship; is broken by his Crew; is reinstated in his Command; steers for Nicobar Island; takes the Buffalo; Captain Buckley dies . Takes Captain Collins; on a Dispute his Crew divides; Part go for Madagascar; Halsey steers for the Streights of Malacca; wants Courage to attack two different Ships; he chases and is chased by the Albemarle. Makes for Madagascar, falls in with Mascarenas; arrives at Madagascar, meets with the Buffalo and Captain White; augments his Company: sets out again for the Red Seas; stops at Johanna; narrowly escapes being taken; takes a Grab. Takes the Rising Eagle, the Captain of her, chief Mate, and Purser, killed; Capt. Jago's Cowardice, . The second Mate of the Prize shoots a Pyrate after striking; they chase and take the Essex; make a great Booty in Money; discharge the Prizes, are civil to the Passengers, and return to Madagascar. A Ships comes from Maderass, another from Scotland to trade with, and the latter is surprized by the pyrates; a Hurricane happens; Burgiss's Treachery. The Maderass Ship seized, and afterwards sent away; Halsey's Death. His funeral Ceremony.

Of Captain Thomas White.

HIS Birth and Education; his first Employment; he is taken by a French Pyrate and detain'd; they sink their own Vessel, and afterwards burn White's Brigantine. Cruelty of the pyrates to the English Prisoners; White narrowly escapes being shot; his Protector murder'd; the pyrates steer for Madagascar, loose their Ship at Elexa; Thomas White and some other Prisoners get to Augustine Bay. They are obliged by the King of Bavaw to enter on board Read the Pyrate; a Number of the French pyrates cut off, the rest made Slaves by the Natives; Read goes to the Gulf of Persia, takes a Grab; throws over board a Quantity of Gold. Read dies; succeeded by James; the Grab turn'd into a Ship at Mayotta. The Ruby East-India Man lost; the pyrates go for Madagascar; meet Fourgette's Vessel. The Manner of taking this Vessel, . They go to St. Mary's; Captain Mosson and his Crew cut off; the two Ships join Company; come to an Anchor in Methelage, a large Ship enters the River. Freights the pyrates; one of their Ships sunk; the Vanity and Behaviour of the Captain of the Speaker. The Purser of the Speaker taken Prisoner and released; Treachery of Hugh Man. The Speaker surpriz'd. Fourgette's Ship given to the Captain of the Speaker; the Punctuality of the pyrates; Death of the Captain of the Speaker; the pyrates make for the East Indies; stop on the Coast of Zanguebar. Capt. Booth and twenty other pyrates murdered, Bowen succeeds him; in the Mouth of the Red Seas fall in with Sail,. A Dispute arises; they take a Moor's Ship; they go to the Malabar Coast; White goes on board the Prosperous; the Boatswain's Mates Treachery; the Captain and Chief Mate of the Prosperous kill'd. White left ashore; goes for Methelage. Some of his Comrades leave him; he returns to Methelage, join'd by three other pyrates. They hear of their Comrades in the Ship at St.Mary's and go to Olumbah, where they fortify themselves; Honesty of the pyrates among themselves. White buys a Boat; goes to Methelage; meets some of the Degraves's Men in a French Prize; is chosen Captain; goes to Ambonavoula. Sails for Mayotta; thence to Babel Mandel; lies for the Mocha Ships; takes two Grabs; dares not venture on a Dutchman; stands for the Ethiopian Coast; takes the Malabar; chases a Portuguese Man of War; spies a Merchant Man of the same Nation. Takes this Ship; takes Captain Penruddock; gives him the Portuguese Ship; made him some Presents; sends him away; share l. a Man; miss a great Booty; send away their Prisoners; takes Captain Stacy. The Generosity of the pyrates; they discharge Stacy; they take a Ketch in the Bay of Defarr; steer for Madagascar; touch at Mascarenas; some of the Crew stay here, the rest settle at Madagascar; Captain Halsey comes in; White makes a Voyage with Halsey; White's Death. His Will.

Of Captain Condent.

HIS Birth; he leaves Providence; Resentment of an Indian; Condent's Bravery; he is wounded,. A shocking Piece of Inhumanity; the Duke of York taken; the Crew divides; Condent chosen Captain of one Party; makes for the Cape de Verd Islands; takes a Ship from Maderas; arrives at the Isle of May, and takes Sail; turns Justice of Peace; sails to St. Jago, takes and goes on board a Dutch Ship; makes several Prizes on the Brazil Coast. Takes the Wright Galley, a Portuguese and a Dutch East India Man; steers for the IslandFerdinando, discharges Captain Spelt; sails again for the Brazil Coast; engages a Gun Ship; takes another Portuguese and a Frenchman. Some of his Men seized in the River of Plate; forc'd Men get away; Cruelty to the Portuguese, and the Reason; goes to the Guiney Coast, and takes CaptainHill; stands away for the East Indies; takes an Oftender; arrives at Madagascar; meets with some of Halsey's Crew which increases his Number, goes for the East Indies; stops at Johanna. Assists in taking the Cassandra; touches at Mascarenas, takes a Gun Ship; goes to the Coast of Zanguebar, razes a Dutch Fortification, makes Conditions with the Governor of Mascarenas, marries his Sister, comes to Europe, settles at St. Maloes.

Description of Magadoxa.

THE Reason of Captain Beavis's coming on the Zanguebar Coast. His third Mate goes ashore, . He describes the People at his Return on board. The fourth Mate and a Molatto go ashore and return; he goes further to the Westward. The third Mate and Gunner land again, come back with Antilopes and two Guiney Hens; the Ship weighs, they spy some Men; but they avoid the Boat's Crew. They discover, and anchor before a Town; the Men sent, civilly treated. They return to the Ship with a Present from the King's Son; the third Mate, Gunner, and Molotto, ensnared. The Ship's Boat seized. The first Mate goes towards the Shore, the Natives discharge their Arrows at the Boat, and he returns to the Ship,. The Captain's Method to be inform'd of his People. The Natives fire at the Boat. The Captain despairing of his Men, weighs and keeps along Shore. Sails for Johanna. The Manner of the Mate, &c. being betray'd; the Molotte is carried before the King. His Examination; Description of the Prison. The Molatto is inform'd of the cruel Death of his Companions. He is carried again before the King; what past between the King and him, . He is remanded to Goal; his Conversation with the Jaylor and another. Sent for by the King; to what End; Description of the Coway,. His Treatment in the Goal better'd. He receives News of the Ship's Departure. He is taken into the King's Service; his Business; the Diet of the People. His Manner of Life. Description of the Town, &c. The Manner of the King's taking the Air, . The Death of Malefactors. The Augazet describ'd; the Bozee a monstrous amphibious Creature; the Massau and Sachew described. The King's Diversions; the Genius of the People; a Tradition among them. Description of the Pyone; the Molatto is question'd for going out of the Town. He attends the King to theMoorzacks; what they are; the Conversation of the Day. The Molotto under great Appreprehensions; he is order'd to the Moorzacks. He is taught his Duty. Description of a Pohalick. He is sent for to the City, clapp'd into Prison; the Reason of it. His Conversation with the Jaylor, and afterwards with the King. The Manner of his passing his Time, being remanded back to the Moorzacks. By what Accident he comes into Favour. He teaches the Way of Fishing with a Line, The Execution of a Passau. A particular Description of the Moorzacks. The Funeral Ceremony of the Magadoxians. The Religion . A Rebellion; a Ship appears; the Molotto brought to the Army. Treachery of the King. A great Slaughter; the Molotto bears of a Ship; meditates his Escape. He gets away in the Night. He comes comes up to a large River; discovers six Men in his Pursuit; swims over the River. Escapes a large Alligator; spies the Ship. Is taken on board a Dutch Boat. Two of his Pursuers swim on board the Boat; give an Account of one being devour'd by an Alligator. The Molotto goes to Batavia; sails in the Dutch Service; from Holland comes to England.

Of Captain Bellamy.

TURNS Pyrate with Williams, they take Captain Prince; Bellamy is made Captain of the Prize; infest the Coast of Virginia. A great Storm. Captain Beer taken. Bellamy's Speech to Beer. An odd Accident. Williams takes a Vessel off Cape Cod. Description of Nova Scotia; the pyrates careen in the River Mechises. A Sailor's Advice, . A smart Engagement. The Mary Anne taken. the Whidaw lost; Cruelty of the pyrates; Execution of of them.

Of Captain Fly.

HE is shipp'd by Captain Green. Conspiracy against, and barbarous Murder of, Captain Green, &c. Fly chosen Captain; Fulker taken. Barbarity used towardsFulker. Captain Gale taken. A florid Speech of Fly's. Harris taken. A Schooner taken. Fly surprized and taken. He &c. are executed.

Of Captain Howard.

HE sets out a Pyrating in a Canoe. Takes an Irish Brigantine, and several other Prizes,. The Cowardice of a Portuguese Captain. Mr. Godly of Bristol his Ship plunder'd. Howard like to be carried off; the pyrates loose their Ship; Howard robs his Comrades. The pyrates taken off the Island by another Pyrate. Howard himself robb'd, . The Thief robb'd by his Comrades. Howard goes on board the Speaker; declared Captain of theProsperous. His Design on a Dutchman; Howard wounded. He is joined by Bowen. Two Moor Ships taken. Howard's Death.

Of Captain Lewis.

SETS out in a Canoe. He makes several Prizes; Folly of the Bermudas Men, Bravery of oneTucker. Lewis's Justice. His Cruelty to the English, takes the Herman, his Quarter-Masier seized ashore. He is released; the Sheerness Man of War narrowly miss the pyrates. Takes a large Frenchman by Stratagem. A remarkable Accident; CaptainSmith taken; the Company parts; the Consequence to the French. Lewis murther'd.

Of Captain Cornelius.

MAKES many Prizes; burns most of the Portuguese Vessels. Sinks a Guiney Man in an Engagement. The firing Minute Guns, the Loss of a Ship. The fatal Consequence of Revenge; the pyrates arrive at Madagascar. The History of King Chimenatto. The pyrates in Danger of being taken. Cornelius his Death.

Of Captain Williams.

HIS Birth. He is left on Madagascar. He is taken Prisoner. Taken a second Time, . He is a third Time taken. King Dempaino sends for Williams. The King of Maratan refuses to send him. He is obliged to give Williams up. Williams makes a Voyage to the Red Sea. He is carried Prisoner on board the Severn. He is chosen Captain of the Scots Ship. He is put to a cruel Death. His Men on Board murder'd. His and his Mens Blood reveng'd.

Of Captain Burgess.

HE sets out to trade with the pyrates looses his Ship, stays at Madagascar, and is forced on board a Pyrate, . Makes a Voyage to the East Indies, and gets home; he makes two Voyages to Madagascar from New York. Is taken by an East-India Man in returning on the second Voyage. Is condemn'd for Pyracy and pardon'd; goes on Board the Neptune. Betrays the Ship, and is chosen Quarter-Master, . He is stripp'd by his Comrades, recovers his Money, is stripp'd again. Goes on board the Henry. Is poyson'd.

Contents of the Appendix.

THE Reception of Captain Rogers, Governor of, and at Providence. Rackham and Vane part. Rackham's Ship taken, he and his Crew escape ashore. Rackham gets to Providence, and is allowed the Benefit of the King's Pardon. Anne Bonny proposes to her Husband his selling her to Rackham. Rackham seizes a Sloop. He forces some of Turnley's Men. Governor Rogers his Sloops seized. Turnley, &c. maroon'd. Their Hardships, to . The pyrates catch a Tartar. They are all taken, the forced Men sent toProvidence. Governor Rogers sends to fetch the maroon'd Men. The pyrates who escaped on Shore intrap'd by Governor Rogers. Rounsival's Generosity. Teach sends Mr.Mark for Druggs, Wragg, &c. left Hostages. The Hostages in Jeopardy of their Lives; a Boat coming on board saves them. Teach draws up before Charles Town. The Hostages released,. A Vindication of Governor Eden to . Major Bonnet's Letter to the Governor. The manner of taking Captain Worley. The Particulars of Captain Evan's his being taken, from his own Letter, . Tryal of the pyrates. Their Behaviour and Execution, . Captain Vane's Procedure at Providence. His Letter to GovernorRogers. Captain King's Protest, to . Captain Bowen's Birth and first Employment. He is taken by a French Pyrate.

Of Captain North.

HIS Birth. He's press'd; runs away; goes a Privateering. Press'd a second Time; runs away again; Captain Lycence killed. North is again press'd and escapes. The Temerity of a Frenchman. He &c. turn pyrates. Take the King of Mayotta. Stand for the Red Seas Consort with Culliford and Shivers, take a Moors Ship. Roguery among the pyrates. A Moor Ship escapes; they take three others of the same Nation,. The Captain of the Dolphin gives over Pyrating and returns home; North separated by bad Weather, they plunder a Dane, set Fire to the Dolphin, the Reason. North overset and swims to Shore. The pyrates throw over their Guns in a Storm. They are shew'd a Well of Water of a strange Nature. They meet the Prosperous, and soon after Moor Ships. They burn the Speedy Return; sink the Prosperous; they are all poisoned. Four only die;Bowen's Death; North made Captain. Ceremony of making their Captain. ByNorth's Advice the Moors go off with their Ship. The pyrates settle on Madagascar; their Way of Life. North travels Southward to trade. He joins and goes to War with the Mangorians. He besieges a Town, the Manner of the Siege. North's Allies design to deceive him. His Proceedings upon the Discovery. North returns homewards, join'd by the Timouses, the Ceremony of swearing among those of Madagascar. Halsey comes in, North and Company go on board him. North drives out the Timouses. North's Humanity to a Frenchman. North revenges the Barbarity of the Mayottans towards some English. North murder'd.

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