A General History of the Pyrates, by Daniel Defoe

Table of Contents

  1. Of Captain Avery, And his Crew.

    Romantick Reports of his Greatness. His Birth. Is Mate of a Bristol Man. For what Voyage design'd. Tampers with the Seamen. Forms a Plot for carrying off the Ship. Executes it, and how. The Pyrates take a rich Ship belonging to the Great Mogul. The Great Mogul threaten the English Settlements. The Pyrates steer their Course back for Madagascar. Call a Council. Put all the Treasure on Board of Avery's Ship. Avery and his Crew treacherously leaves his Confederates; go to the Isle of Providence in the West-Indies. Sell the Ship, go to North-America in a Sloop. They disperse, Avery goes to New-England. From thence to Ireland. Avery afraid to expose his Diamonds to sale. Goes over to England. Puts his Wealth into Merchants Hands, of Bristol. Changes his Name. Lives at Biddiford. The Merchants send him no Supplies. Importunes them. Goes privately to Bristol, they threaten to discover him. Goes over to Ireland, sollicites them from thence. Is very poor, works his Passage over to Plymouth, walks to Biddiford. Dies a Beggar. An Account of Avery's Confederates. Their Settlement at Madagascar. They meet other Pyrates; an Account of them, ib. The Pyrates arrive to great Power. The Inhabitants described. Their Policy, Government, &c. Places describ'd. The Arrival of Captain Woods Rogers at that Part of the Island. Their Design of surprizing his Ship. One of these Princes formerly a Waterman on the Thames. Their Secretaries, Men of no Learning. Could neither write nor read.

  2. Of Captain Martel, And his Crew.

    Way to suppress Pyrates. The Increase of Pyrates accounted for. Where Martel learned his Trade. The Names of several Prizes taken, by him. His Strength at Sancta Cruz. His Manner of fortifying himself there. Is attack'd by the Scarborough Man of War. His defence by land and Sea. His desperate Escape. His miserable End, ib.

  3. Of Captain Teach, alias Black-beard.

    His Beginning. His Confederacy with Hornygold. The Confederacy broke. Takes a large Guiney Man. Engages the Scarborough Man of War. His Alliance with Major Stede Bonnet. Deposes his new Ally. His Advice to the Major. His Progress and Success. Takes Prizes in Sight of Charles-Town. Sends Ambassadors to the Governor of Carolina, upon an impudent Demand. Runs his Ship aground designedly. His Cruelty to some of his own Companions. Surrenders to the King's Proclamation. The Governor of North-Carolina's exceeding Generosity to him. He marries. The Number of his Wives then living. His conjugal Virtues. Makes a second Excursion in the Way of pyrating. Some State Legerdemain betwixt him and the Governor. His modest Behaviour in the River. His Frolicks on Shore. The Merchants apply for a Force against him, and where. A Proclamation with a Reward for taking or killing of Pyrates. Lieutenant Maynard sent in pursuit of him. Black-beard's good Intelligence. The Lieutenant engages Black-beard. A most execrable Health drank by Black-beard. The Fight bloody; the Particulars of it. Black-beard kill'd. His Sloop taken. The Lieutenant's Conduct. A Reflection on the Humours of Seamen. Black-beard's Correspondents discover'd by his Papers. Black-beard's desperate Resolution before the Fight. The Lieutenant and Governor no very good Friends. The Prisoners hang'd. Samuel Odel saved, and why. The good Luck of Israel Hands. Black-beard's mischievous Frolicks. His Beard described. Several Instances if his Wickedness. Some Memorandums taken from his Journal. The Names of the Pyrates kill'd in the Engagement. Of those executed. The Value of the Prize.

  4. Of Major Stede Bonnet, And his Crew.

    Bred a Gentleman. Supposed to be disorder'd in his Senses. His Beginning as a Pyrate, ib. Takes Prizes. Divisions in his Crew. Meets Black-beard. Is deposed from his Command. His melancholy Reflections. Surrenders to the King's Proclamation. His new Project. Saves some Pyrates marroon'd. Begins the old Trade again. An Account of Prizes taken by him. Colonel Rhet goes in Quest of Pyrates. Yates the Pyrate surrenders. An Engagement betwixt Colonel Rhet and Major Bonnet. An Account of the kill'd and wounded. The Prisoners carried to Charles-Town. The Major and the Master Escape, ib. Taken again by Colonel Rhet. A Court of Vice-Admiralty held. The Names of those arraign'd. The Form of their Indictment. Their Defence. The Names of those who received Sentence. An excelleot Speech made by the Lord Chief Justice on pronouncing Sentence on the Major.

  5. Of Capt. Edward England, And his Crew.

    HIS Beginning and Character. A most barbarous Action of his Crew. The Names of Prizes taken by him. The Misfortunes of his Confederates. England's Progress half round the Globe. A short Description of the Coast of Malabar. What they did at Madagascar. Takes an East-India Man. The Particulars of the Action in Captain Mackra's Letter. Captain Mackra ventures on Board the Pyrate. Is in Danger of being murder'd. Preserv'd by a pleasant Incident. The Pyrates Generosity to him. Captain England deposed, and why. Maroon'd on the Island Mauritius. Some Account of that Island. The Adventures of the Company continued. Angria, an Indian Pyrate. his Strength by Land and Sea. The East-India Company's Wars with him. The Pyrates go to the Island of Melinda. Their barbarous Behaviour there. Hear of Captain Mackra's Designs against them. Their Reflections thereupon. Sail for Cochin, a Dutch Settlement. The Pyrates and the Dutch very good Friends. Mutual Presents made betwixt the Pyrates and the Governor. The Pyrates in a Fright. Almost starv'd. Take a Prize of an immense Value. Take an Ostend East-India Man. A short Description of Madagascar. A prodigious Dividend made by the Pyrates. A Fellow's Way of increasing his Diamonds. Some of the Pyrates quit, and join th Remains of Avery. The Proceedings of the Men of War in those Parts. Some Dutch Men petition to be among the Pyrates. The Pyrates divided in their Measures. Break up. What became of them.

  6. Of Captain Charles Vane, And his Crew.

    Vane's Behaviour at Providence. The Names of Prizes taken by him. Is deserted by his Consort Yates. Yates surrenders at Charles-Town. A Stratagem of Vane's. Black-beard and Vane meet. They salute after the Pyrates Manner. Vane deposed from his Command, and why. 15 Hands degraded, and turned out with him. A Sloop given them. They sail in Quest of Adventures, and take Prizes. Vane cast away upon an uninhabited Island. Meets with an old Acquaintance. Vane seiz'd with a Qualm of Honour. Ships himself on Board a Vessel, passing for another Man. Is discover'd, with the Manner how. Carried to Jamaica, and hang'd.

  7. Of Captain John Rackam, And his Crew.

    RACKAM's beginning as a Pyrate. An Account of Prizes taken by him. Is attack'd by a Spanish Guard Ship. His Stratagem to escape. More Prizes taken by him. Is taken, and how. Tried, condemned, and executed at Jamaica. The Names of his Crew condemn'd with him. An extraordinary Case of nine taken with him. Some Account of the Proceedings against them.

  8. Of Mary Read and Anne Bonny.
    • The Life of Mary Read.

      MARY Read's Birth. Reasons for dressing her in Breeches. Waits upon a Lady; goes into the Army. Her Behaviour in several Engagements. She falls in Love with her Comrade. Her Sex discovered; the two Troopers married. Settles at Breda. Her Husband dies, she reassumes the Breeches. Goes to Holland. To the West-Indies. Turns Pyrate. Anne Bonny, another Pyrate, falls in Love with her. Her Adventures.

    • The Life of Anne Bonny.

      ANNE Bonny born a Bastard. Her Mother's Intrigues strangely discover'd. Her Father lies with his own Wife, by mistake. She proves with Child; the Husband jealous. He separates from his Wife; lives with Anne Bonny's Mother. Anne Bonny put into Breeches for a Disguise, how discovered. The Father becomes poor. Goes to Carolina. Improves his Fortune. Anne Bonny marries against his Consent. Her fierce Temper. Goes to Providence with her Husband. Enticed to Sea in Men's Cloaths, by Rackam the Pyrate. Reproaches Rackam with Cowardice at his Execution.

  9. Of Captain Howel Davis, And his Crew.

    THE Original of Davis. Is taken by the Pyrate England. England's Generosity to him. Is cast into Prison at Barbadoes, and why. Goes to Providence. Employ'd in a trading Vessel, seizes the Ship. An Instance of his great Courage and good Conduct. Goes to Cape de Verd Islands. Take several Prizes. Take the Fort of St. Jago by Storm. A Council call'd. Sail for Gambia. Takes Gambia Castle by Stratagem. Meets La Bouche, a French Pyrate. His Adventures with Cocklyn the Pyrate, at Sierraleone. The Fort attack d and taken, by theee Consederate Pyrates. The Pyrates quarrel and part. The laconick Speech of Davis to them. His fierce Engagement with a large Dutch Ship. An Account of several Prizes taken by him. A Description of the Island of St. Thome, Del Principe, and Annobono. The Dutch Governor of Acra taken by Davis. Davis well received by the Governor of Princes. His Stratagem to come at the Wealth of the Island. Is counterplotted and kill'd, by an Ambuscade.

  10. A Description of the Islands of St. Thome, Del Principe, and Annobono.
  11. Of Captain Bartho. Roberts, And his Crew.

    HIS Beginning. Elected Captain in the Room of Davis. The Speech of Lord Dennis at the Election. Lord Sympson objects against a Papist. The Death of Davis reveng'd. Roberts sails Southward, in Quest of Adventures. The Names of the Prizes taken by them. Brasil describ'd. Roberts falls into a Fleet of Portuguese. Boards and takes the richest Ship amongst them. Make the Devil's Islands. An unfortunate Adventure of Roberts. Kennedy's Treachery. Irishmen excluded by Roberts and his Crew. Articles sworn to by them. A Copy of them. Some Account of the Laws and Customs of the Pyrates. An Instance of Roberts his Cunning. He proceeds again upon Business, and takes Prizes. Narrowly escapes being taken. Sails for the Island Dominico. Another Escape. Sails for Newfoundland. Plunders, sinks and burns 22 Sail in the Harbour of Trepassi. Plunders ten Sail of French Men. The mad Behaviour of the Crew. A Correspondence hinted at. The Pyrates caress'd at the Island of St. Bartholomew. In extream Distress. Sail for Martinico. A Stratagem of Roberts. The insolent Device in his Colours. And odd Compliment paid to Roberts. Three Men desert the Pyrates, and are taken by them. Their Tryal. Two executed, and one saved. The Brigantine deserts them. Great Divisions in the Company. A Description of Serraleone River. The Names of English settled there, and Way of Life. The Onflow, belonging to the African Company taken. The Pyrates Contempt of Soldiers. They are for entertaining a Chaplain. Their Skirmish with the Calabar Negroes. The King Solomon, belonging to the African Company, taken. The Frolicks of the Pyrates. Take eleven Sail in Whydah Road. A comical Receipt given by the Pyrates. A cruel Action of Roberts. Sails for Anna Bona. The Progress of the Swallow Man of War, in Pursuit of Roberts. Roberts his Consort taken. The Bravery of Skyrme, a Welch Pyrate. The surly Humour of some of the Prisoners. The Swallow comes up with Roberts. Roberts his Dress described. Is kill'd. His Character. His Ship taken. The Behaviour of the Pyrates, when Prisoners. A Conspiracy of theirs discovered. Reflections on the Manner of trying them. The Form of the Commission for trying the Pyrates. The Oath taken by the Commissioners. The Names of those arraign'd taken in the Ship Ranger. The Form of the Indictment. The Sum of the Evidence against them. Their Defence. The Names of the Prisoners of the Royal Fortune. Proceedings against them. Harry Glasby acquitted. The particular Tryal of Captain James Skyrme. Of John Walden. Of Peter Soudamore. Of Robert Johnson. Of George Wilson. Of Benjamin Jeffries. Of John Mansfield. Of William Davis. The Names of those executed at Cape Corso. The Petition of some condemn'd. The Courts Resolution. The Form of an Indenture of a pardon'd Pyrate. The Names of those pardon'd upon Indenture to serve seven Tears. The Pyrates how disposed of. The dying Behaviour of those executed.

  12. Of Captain Anstis, And his Crew.

    HIS Beginning as a Pyrate. A most brutish Action supposed to be committed by his Crew. Civil Discords amongst them. The Pyrates Term of Round Robin explain'd. They land on an uninhabited Island. A Petition for Pardon agreed on. The Form of that Petition. Their Diversions, and Manner of living on the Island. Their mock Tryal of one another. They put to Sea again. Their Petition not answer'd. The Morning Srar Wreck'd. Anstis narrowly esoapes being taken. A Plot discover'd. The Crew gathers Strength again. Surprised by the Winchelsea Man of War at Tobago. Fire one of their Ships. Anstis escapes. Is killed by a Conspiracy of his own Men. The Ship surrender'd at Curaco. Several bang'd there. Fen hanged at An-[illegible text]. The good Luck of those who fled to the Woods.

  13. Of Captain Worley, And his Crew.

    HIS mad Beginning. His Success. Bind themselves by Oath to take no Quarters. A false Alarm at James-Town. Worley catches a Tartar. The desperate Resolution of the Pyrates. Worley hanged.

  14. Of Capt. George Lowther, And his Crew.

    His Beginning. Plots with Massey. Massey's Conduct. Lowther's Proposal. A Copy of Articles drawn up, and sworn to. The Pyrates going by the Ears. How Rogues are made Friends. Lowther and Massey part. A Digression concerning Massey's mad Conduct. Lowther and Low meet. An Alliance betwixt them. A List of Prizes taken by them. An unlucky Adventure at Cape Mayo. Lowther and Low break the Alliance, and part. The Bravery of Captain Gwatkins. The Pyrates much reduced. Winter in North-Carolina. Put to Sea again. Make for the Island of Blanco. The Island described. Ara surprised and taken. Lowther escapes. The Names of the Prisoners, and Fate. Lowther's Death.

  15. Of Captain Edward Low, And his Crew.

    Low's Original. The Virtues of his Family. His bold Beginnings. Declares War against the whole World. His Success. Like to perish by a Storm. Sail for the Western Island. Treats with the Governor of St. Michael for Water. Several Instances of their wanton Cruelty. Low's Consort taken, and how. A horrid Massacre committed by Low. Takes a Multitude of Prizes. Another barharous Massacre. More Cruelties. Low and his Consort attack'd by the Greyhound Man of War. Low deserts his Consort. The Consort taken. Carried to Rhode Island. The Names, Age, and Places of Birth, of the Prisoners. A Compliment paid to Captain Solgard, by the Corporation of New-York. The Resolution of the Mayor and Common-Council. The Preamble of the Captain's Freedom. More Instances of Low's Cruelty. His Adventures.

  16. Of Capt. John Evans, And his Crew.

    Begins with House-breaking. Seizes a Sloop. Robs a House the same Night. Put to Sea, and take valuable Prizes. Evans spot dead by his Boatswain. His Death reveng'd. The Company breaks up.

  17. Of Captain John Phillips, And his Crew.

    Phillips his Original. How he became a Pyrate. His Return to England accounted for. Ships again for Newfoundland. Deserts his Ship in Peter Harbour. He and four others seize a Vessel. Sail out a pyrating. Articles sworn to upon a Hatchet. A Copy of the Articles. Ill Blood amongst them, and why. Are almost starved. Take Prizes. Phillips proposes to clean at Tobago, and why. Meets an old Acquaintance. Frighten'd from the Island. A Conspiracy to run away with the Prize. A Skirmish. The Carpenter's Dexterity in cutting off Legs. Fern kill'd by Phillips, and why. The Danger of attempting an Escape among the Pyrates. Captain Mortimer's Bravery, and hard Fate. Captain Mortimer's Brother escapes, and how. Cheeseman's Steps for overthrowing the Pyrates Government. A Digression concerning Newfoundland, and its Trade. The Pyrates recruited with Men from thence. Phillips his Conscience pricks him. Dependence Ellery, a Saint, oblig'd to dance by the Pyrates. A brave Action perform'd by Cheesemen. Carries the Pyrate Ship into Boston. The dying Declarations of John Rose Archer, and William White.

  18. Of Captain Spriggs, And his Crew.

    Spriggs his Beginning. How he set up for himself. Sweats his Prisoners for Diversion. The Pyrates mistake in drinking Healths. Take Hawkins a second time. Burn his Ship, and why. An odd Entertainment given him by the Pyrates. Captain Hawkins how disposed of. Spriggs barbarous Usage of his Prisoners. Takes a Ship loaden with Horses. An odd Frolick of the Pyrates. Two particular Relations of Pyracy .

Their first Rise and Settlement in the Island of
Providence, to the present Time.

With the remarkable Actions and Adventures of the two Female Pyrates
Mary Read and Anne Bonny;

Contain'd in the following Chapters,

Chap. I. Of Capt. Avery.
II. Of Capt. Martel.
III. Of Capt. Teach.
IV. Of Capt. Bonnet.
V. Of Capt. England.
VI. Of Capt. Vane.
VII. Of Capt. Rackam.
VIII. Of Capt. Davis.
IX. Of Capt. Roberts.
X. Of Capt. Anstis.
XI. Of Capt. Worley.
XII. Of Capt. Lowther.
XIII. Of Capt. Low.
XIV. Of Capt. Evans.
XV. Of Capt. Phillips.
XVI. Of Capt. Spriggs.
And their several Crews.

To which is added.
A short ABSTRACT of the Statute and Civil
Law, in Relation to Pyracy.

The second EDITION, with considerable ADDITIONS

By Captain Charles Johnson.

Printed for, and sold by T. Warner, at the Black-Boy in Pater-Noster-Row,



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