A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, by James De Mille

Table of Contents

  1. The Finding of the Copper Cylinder
  2. Adrift in the Antarctic Ocean
  3. A World of Fire and Desolation
  4. The Sight of Human Beings
  5. The Torrent Sweeping Under the Mountains
  6. The New World
  7. Scientific Theories and Scepticism
  8. The Cave-Dwellers
  9. The Cavern of the Dead
  10. The Sacred Hunt
  11. The Swamp Monster
  12. The Baleful Sacrifice
  13. The Awful “Mista Kosek”
  14. I Learn My Doom
  15. The Kohen is Inexorable
  16. The Kosekin
  17. Belief and Unbelief
  18. A Voyage Over the Pole
  19. The Wonders of the “Amir”
  20. The Dark Maiden Layelah
  21. The Flying Monster
  22. Escape
  23. The Island of Fire
  24. Recapture
  25. Falling, Like Icarus, into the Sea
  26. Grimm’s Law Again
  27. Oxenden Preaches a Sermon
  28. In Prison
  29. The Ceremony of Separation
  30. The Day of Sacrifice
  31. Conclusion


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